Alert: Rabies Found in Minnesota

Photo by Andreas Vendelbo

The Minnesota Board of Animal Health reports that a puppy in Pennington County (northwestern Minnesota) has tested positive for rabies, and vets have deemed a skunk bite it suffered in July to be the culprit. Sadly, the 16-week-old puppy had to be euthanized after it became unable to stand following weeks of progressive neurological disease.

While this is a heart wrenching story to report, it’s an important reminder to be vigilant about protecting your pup. Here’s what you can do:

Vaccinate to prevent it. Puppies can be vaccinated as early as 12 weeks. Dogs should be given boosters regularly throughout their lives.

Vaccinate after potential exposure. “In the event pets are exposed, or potentially exposed, rabies vaccine should be administered within 96 hours of exposure,” the Minnesota Board of Animal Health (MBAH) advises. And if you see abnormal interactions between a wild animal and a domestic animal, report it to a vet right away.

Have questions? You can call the Minnesota Board of Animal Health’s rabies line at 651-201-6808.

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