AHS MN Rescues 100 Dogs From Terrible Conditions in Rural Minnesota

We’re proud to offer this article in partnership with Animal Humane Society (AHS). Not only do they have an outstanding adoption program, but we’ve been blown away as we’ve learned about the many additional services they offer in our community. 

On a fateful late October morning this year, over 100 pets were rescued from deplorable conditions in rural Lincoln County, Minnesota. Their rescuers were none other than Animal Humane Society’s Critical Response Team, a group dedicated to removing animals in need from dangerous and unhealthy situations at a moment’s notice.

According to AHS, these animals had been neglected and living in unsanitary, unsafe conditions. With help from the Lincoln County Sheriff, the Critical Response Team was able to act quickly to bring the 42 adult dogs and 62 puppies to safety — and begin the rehabilitation process.

Many of the animals required urgent medical care due to life-threatening health issues, including parasites and parvovirus. Due to lack of care on the Lincoln County property, some of the dogs passed away shortly after transfer. Others were found to have behavioral challenges that would benefit from the opportunity to recover in a foster home, so AHS placed them within their extensive rescue network.

Fortunately, the vast majority of the dogs were perfectly adoptable — including six puppies born in AHS’s care. The resilience of animals is truly impressive, notes AHS President & CEO Janelle Dixon. “It’s amazing to see them respond to kindness and care,” says Dixon. “Countless animals have come to our shelters from tragic situations, seemingly hopeless, and have transformed into wonderful family pets. It’s an incredible feeling every single time.”

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While AHS will not take part in the legal proceedings for this case, there are likely to be criminal charges involved.

AHS’s Critical Response Team brings together experts from across AHS to rescue animals that are in the greatest need of help, including those affected by national disasters such as Hurricane Harvey. Last year, Animal Humane Society opened 450 formal cases and positively impacted the lives of more than 5,000 vulnerable animals. Each year their humane agents respond to over 1,700 reports of possible cruelty or neglect in every part of Minnesota. (Editor’s note: AHS just hired a new, part-time humane agent — and he’s kind of famous!)

We can’t pawsibly overstate the importance of AHS’s work, and their Critical Response Team can’t do its thing without support from animal lovers like YOU. Donate to AHS today to support their work to keep pets healthy and find loving homes for animals.

Have you adopted a dog from a special effort like this? Head to the comments and tell us everything!

animal humane society logoThis article was brought to you by the dog lovers at Animal Humane Society. Through low-cost spay and neuter services, free wellness exams, training, expert advice, and more, AHS is committed to helping pets and their families thrive together.

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