Want to Help Reduce Animal Overpopulation in MN? Here’s How.

Photo: Animal Humane Society

Editor’s note: We’re beyond paw-roud to offer this post as part of our partnership with Animal Humane Society (AHS). You may know ’em for their outstanding adoption offerings, but we’ve been blown away as we’ve learned about the additional services they offer to this community.

February is Spay/Neuter Awareness Month, so it’s the perfect time to give you the low-down on Animal Humane Society’s Kindest Cut program, one of the groups leading the pack in low-cost spay/neuter services across the state.

We cannot overstate the importance of spay/neuter work:

  • Greater access to inexpensive spay/neuter operations leads to fewer unwanted doggy pregnancies.
  • This directly reduces overpopulation problems.
  • In turn, space is readily available for animals that come to Minnesota from states where adoption is less common.

Kindest Cut makes super efficient use of limited animal-welfare resources, providing income-qualified pet owners, feral-cat caretakers, and shelter and rescue partners with access to a number of low-cost medical services. This pup-lovin’ program has been crazy-successful, reaching tens of thousands of pets in its first year of being part of AHS.

The animal lovers at Kindest Cut have formed strong partnerships with local rescue organizations. As Anne Johnson, Director of Shelter Services for AHS, puts it: “As the Midwest’s leading animal welfare organization, we have an opportunity to provide low-cost sterilization to other animal agencies — this impacts the entire rescue community, and ultimately helps thousands of animals in addition to the ones we care for at AHS.”

One such org is Save-a-Bull Rescue in Minneapolis, which has partnered with Kindest Cut for their Fix Your Pit spay/neuter program for four years running. According to Save-a-Bull’s Board Secretary Nan Hildebrandt, Kindest Cut makes it possible for them to offer these free clinics. “It’s our way of being a part of the solution to unwanted dogs that end up in shelters and rescues,” she says.

“It’s pretty im-paw-tent work.” -This lil pup

And that’s just the tip of the snout. In addition to spay/neuter procedures, Kindest Cut also provides additional high-quality, affordable services such as walk-in wellness checks (at Melrose Animal Clinic in Golden Valley), plus certain types of dental and specialty procedures.

Kindest Cut is a bone-a-fide lifesaving program making a huge impact statewide—not just in the Twin Cities. Its mobile clinic was on the road 220 days this past year, traveling to 27 (!) Minnesota communities to provide 11,627 spay/neuter surgeries and 4,182 wellness exams and procedures.

These services, like everything AHS does, contribute so much to animal welfare in Minnesota, from reducing the number of unintended doggy pregnancies to keeping family pets in tip-top shape.

Want to get involved and help reduce doggy overpopulation? Just lick—uh, click— to volunteer or donate now. Wanna know more about AHS and the work it does? Step right pup!

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Know of other local organizations working their tails off to reduce pet overpopulation? Woof at us!

animal humane society logoThis article was brought to you by the dog lovers at Animal Humane Society. Through low-cost spay and neuter services, wellness exams, training, expert advice and more, AHS is committed to helping pets and their families thrive together. Learn more and donate today.


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