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You’re one of the dog-friendliest businesses ever. We’re gonna spread the woof like only Sidewalk Dog can.

We’re experts when it comes to connecting pet-loving brands with dog owners.

Opportunities to reach our targeted audience include:

  • CONTENT. Our specialty! We’re talkin’ sponsored articles, social media campaigns, dedicated emails, and more – all in our signature fun, friendly, take-action tone.
  • CONTESTS + GIVEAWAYS. We’ll spread the woof about your brand and get your products into our audience’s paws with heavy cross-platform promotion.
  • EVENTS. We host and sell out dog-friendly events – another grrreat way to for our people to get their paws on your products.
  • SHOP. Our ever-expanding online shop means we can showcase your products to people who come to our site looking for new ways to live their dog-lovingest life.

Get in touch ( or fill out the form below to learn more about being seen on Sidewalk Dog. We can’t wait to show our audience that your products and services are as irresistible as a squirrel chase.

Businesses are yapping about our results:

“At events we attend, people tell us they saw or heard of us through Sidewalk Dog’s marketing. Our website conversion rate from traffic driven from Sidewalk Dog Media is 20%. A blog post alone converted at 50%. That is significant for a ecommerce business like ours where an average conversion rate is between 3-8% for the industry.” – Finley’s Barkery

“Within minutes of your work to promote our survey, we received hundreds of responses. Sidewalk Dog is leading all of our other channels (email to targeted audience within our own database, and email to Minneapolis and St. Paul registered dog owners), so THANK YOU.” – Animal Humane Society

“Sidewalk Dog has worked alongside us on promotions from digital ads to blog posts in a professional yet fun manner, resulting in exposure to and traffic from many dog owners looking for a new home.” – StuartCo properties

“When it comes to our events, we rely on Sidewalk Dog’s reach into the dog-loving community. Our events sell out because of Sidewalk Dog.” – Pet Haven Inc. of MN

“Thank you again for all you did to promote our Pool Party for Dogs! The Sidewalk Dog promotion helped sell out the event.” – Home for Life Animal Sanctuary

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