Adorable puppy escapes playpen, then sneaks back in before being noticed.

We know dogs are intelligent. 

Across decades, countless scientific studies have undisputedly measured a dog’s intelligence. Many a-biologists and animal behavior specialists have spent hours in the laboratory gathering a storm of data on a pup’s ability to connect the dots, learn new tricks, and “get it” (to put it in layman’s terms).

A dog’s intelligence is not a subject that’s up for debate.

Yet, still, we can’t help being utterly mind-blown when seeing such a display of cleverness in a pup as little as the adorable fluff-ball-of-a-pup who is the subject of this story.

Good puppy in a pen

Our little doggie Einstein (who we affectionately named “Spots”) is a little bundle of joy the whole family loves. 

But human mommy thinks it’s best to keep Spots in a pen that, besides perhaps being purchased at a great price from Ikea, is actually really nice looking.

We don’t know precisely why human mom decided Spottie should be in the pen while unattended; maybe she’s only a couple of pieces from completing a 5,000-piece puzzle of the Sistine Chapel she’s got sitting on the table. After all, puppies can be clumsy and unpredictable when left in a room alone.

But anyways, human mom furnished the inside of the pen with plenty of fun toys for her baby pup, so Spots stays entertained while she’s out and about. Like a good mom, she probably chose the most attractive plastic toys for her baby pup to chew on.

Squeak a toy here, sniff a toy there; in less than two minutes Spots grew bored with the ensuite entertainment and started craving adventure.

In the words of Freddie Mercury, “I want to break free! Baby, I want to break free.”

A dog with a taste for adventure

Little Spots wanted out of the pen. After studying the situation, Spots checked around to make sure no humans were watching, more-or-less calculated the height of the jump necessary to reach the rim, and when the time came, seized the moment. 

With a quick and slick leap of a pup, and after some added effort, Spots slipped right to the outside of the pen, embracing freedom. Mission accomplished!

Out in the world at last

Free at last! The room lay ahead of the pup like a vast and infinite world to explore. What mysteries lie behind those half-open closet doors? What fascinating stories do those shoe soles have to tell? 

What is that strange and funny-sounding thing, and is it chewable?

And most importantly: how much damage can I do while leaving the least amount of evidence?

Lil’ Spottie may be little, but they have large and elaborate thoughts for a pup their age. Spots does a round of evaluation, checkin’ to ensure everything’s in puppy order. 

All corners sniffed? Check. Time to get back in the pen and play the excellent puppy; human mom will be back at any time. 

Without hesitation and with complete impunity, our little Spottie climbs right back into the pen as if nothing happened.

What the eyes don’t see, the heart can’t feel

As expected, human mommy comes to check on her adorable fluff, delighted to see Spots peacefully seated inside the pen, just waiting.

She picks Spottie right up from the pen and rewards the little pup with some feel-good kisses and reassurance: What a good baby puppy!!

Hey, it isn’t a crime if no one sees it!

Oh, but security cam… woofs! 

Puppy caught on camera!

Go figure, human mom’s cleverness surpassed Spottie’s intelligence as she placed a puppy cam to ensure her fluffy one didn’t get into trouble.

Who knows what a small energetic puppy may plot from inside a pen? 

Unbeknownst to our little furry Einstein, a puppy cam was left monitoring the place (Oh! That’s what that thing was!). 

Our little Spottie’s amazing pen escape and later return were caught in a thrilling suspense sequence.

The footage reveals a small-sized puppy of fluffy traits escaping its pen by means of a leap and a climb, then roaming about the area to later climb back into its place of origin, leaving no evidence of trespass. 

The verdict is out: We declare this puppy guilty of being the most adorable pen-escaping puppy that can be.

Puppy Houdini wins more cuteness points from Mom

In the end, it seems that mom’s puzzle was left unbothered (good puppy!).

No significant damage was reported in the area, and we end this story with a human mommy who is just so proud of her adorable puppy who managed to escape their pen and return when they needed to. 

As Spottie receives their well-earned belly rubs and kisses, one thought goes through their highly evolved canine brain: what more can they pull off?

Ah, the world awaits the conquest of the puppy Houdini. 

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