Special Dog Seeks Special Home: Stuart the Goldendoodle

Inspired by our founder Ali Jarvis’ “lemon” dog, Luc, this series is dedicated to local, special-needs pups looking for loving homes. This adoptable pooch is scooped up and brought to you by Dog Days in St. Paul and Metro Dogs in the North Loop. See why they’re so grrreat at the end of this story.

Name: Stuart

Stats: 6-month-old, 47-pound neutered male Goldendoodle (Golden Retriever/Poodle)

Stuart’s bedhead has been picture-pawfect from the beginning.

Location: Twin Cities

Rescue: Coco’s Heart Dog Rescue

Sidewalk Dog: That is one adorable fluffer! Tell us about Stuart.

Coco’s Heart Dog Rescue: Yep, his all-day-every-day bedhead does its own thing no matter how much we try to tame it! Stuart is a special-needs puppy who just pushes on with his life unaware that he is different from any other puppy. His personality is so endearing that anyone who meets him instantly falls in love with him! He especially loves playing and wrestling with his foster sister, and enjoying food and treats. When it’s time for him to go to bed, he sees that I have his treats and he has to “talk” to me about not wanting to go to bed, but his love of the treats wins him over and then he’s off to dreamland.

SWD: Oh fur cute! What are his special needs?

CHDR: Stuart has rear leg paralysis due to a spinal deformity. He had a wheelchair when he was smaller, which he loved, but he quickly outgrew it. We’re working on finding some loaner wheels for him while he grows. Due to his paralysis, he is incontinent and requires a belly band and help with bowel movements. His incontinence will be the hardest part of caring for him, but he is so worth it.

SWD: Sounds like Stuart needs a forever fam who’ll go the extra mile to give him the TLC he deserves.

CHDR: Totally. He likes kisses and pets from kids and adults, and also loves to play with other dogs! He would do well with a dog sibling who isn’t afraid of his odd movements and his wheels when he gets them. He’s also very social and loves being the greeter in the household. Even though it takes him time to get there, he always wants to say hello.

Interested in giving this sweet pup the forever home he deserves? Head to his adoption page and check out his Facebook page.

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This dog’s story was made possible by some of the pup-loving-est daycares in the Twin Cities: Dog Days in St. Paul and Metro Dogs in the North Loop. As one happy Metro Dogs customer recently put it, “Our dog just loves it! She runs so fast to the front door as soon as we get out of the car and just adores all the staff! Everybody there knows her by name and I never even have to tell them who I’m here to pick up when I show up.” For pup’s sake, give ’em a call today!

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  1. Mary Campbell

    Thank you for this. Stuart is continuing to grow and is now at 47lbs. He has also received a generous donation from Gunnar’s wheels of a set of his very own wheels that will grow with him!


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