Special Dog Seeks Special Home: Rio the Staffie Mix

Inspired by our founder Ali Jarvis’ “lemon” dog, Luc, this series is dedicated to local, special-needs pups looking for loving homes. 

Name: Rio

Stats: 4-5-year-old, 65-pound American Staffordshire/Boxer mix

Location: Chicago

Rescue: New Leash on Life

Sidewalk Dog: Who IS that hensome boy? Tell us about Rio!

New Leash on Life: Rio is the most playful, happy go lucky, goofy dog I have met in a long time. He absolutely embraces his playtime! He has the most adorable face and smile and really wants to please. He is also very smart, and likes to learn. Rio loves playing ball and tug of war. He also enjoys training with treats.

V fresh, v clean

SWD: He sounds like an awesome dog! What is his special need?

NLOL: Rio has not learned yet that the world outside is not a scary place. He displays a great deal of leash reactivity, which has made it difficult for him to train and get energy out of his system. He really needs a yard with a fence so that he can release his energy and use walks for training. Additionally, he is still learning manners with other pups. He really wants to engage them and play but is working on boundaries. Because we cannot find a foster with a yard, he is being boarded, and unfortunately, isn’t getting the exercise, love, and training he needs on a consistent basis.

SWD: Oh man, that is stressful for him! Hopefully he goes home super soon. What else makes him special?

NLOL: Rio will take anything you give him as a treat, including lettuce. He seems to really like lettuce. He also doesn’t mind baths. He even plays fetch with himself. He tosses his ball across the room, fetches it, goes back to where he started, and then tosses it again (and again).

SWD: What kind of home would be a match for Rio?

NLOL: He has been cat tested and would do okay with other dogs as long as he had a slow introduction. Ideally, due to his training needs, being the only dog would be best. Due to his energy level and strength, he probably shouldn’t be in a home with kids.

Interested in giving this good boy the forever home he deserves? Head to his adoption page!

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