Special Dog Seeks Special Home: Adopt Mack The Cuddly CCi Graduate

This series is dedicated to local pups having a harder time finding their forever homes, whether it be due to age, physical impairments, or just needing a little extra attention. We could all use a friend rn, so we’re spreadin’ the woof about this special somepawdy.

Adopt Mack from Douglas County Canine Rescue

Name: Mack

Stats: 4 to 5-year-old, 60 lb bully mix

Location: Castle Rock, CO

Rescue: Douglas County Canine Rescue

Sidewalk Dog: Okay, this guy is a total hunk. What can you tell us about him?

Douglas County Canine Rescue: Mack is seriously SO SO sweet! Anyone who meets him falls instantly in love, and he surely returns the favor. And he just graduated from the amazing Colorado Correctional Industries (CCi) Prison Trained K9 Companion Program (PTKCP) where he has spent 5 full-time weeks learning his commands, tricks, leash walking, and how to be his best self!

SWD: Wow, so he’s handsome *and* educated. What else is he into?

DCCR: Mack is obsessed with walks and playing. He rolls on his back for belly rubs (because, you know, we owe him). Most importantly, though, he adores his cuddle time and LOVES to be near his people! Did we mention he’s brilliant?

SWD: He sounds amazing! What are his special needs?

DCCR: Mack is deaf, but it doesn’t stop him from wanting a normal life full of cuddles and couch time! As you can tell by looking at him, the boy is a 13/10 snuggler. Anyway, being a CCi grad, he already has a ton of training under his belt, which gives him a real leg up. He’ll still need a little extra support navigating life without his hearing.

SWD: Well honestly, we’re in love. What would be his perfect home?

DCCR: Although Mack actually loves dogs, he’d do best in a home with no other pets. Being deaf, he can sometimes get startled by other dogs and react in a negative way. And because it’s possible Mack is part Pittie, he can’t go to a home in a city or county with a Pit Bull ban (he’ll be taking his absolute perfection elsewhere, thank you very much!).

Interested in giving Mack his forever home? Head over to his adoption page

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