Special Dog Seeks Special Home: Adopt Kimchi the Dino Pibble

This series is dedicated to local pups having a harder time finding their forever homes, whether it be due to age, physical impairments, or just needing a little extra attention. We could all use a friend rn, so we’re spreadin’ the woof about this special somepawdy.

Adopt Kimchi from K9 4 Keeps

Brown dog laying on bed doing a head tilt at camera

Name: Kimchi

Stats: 1-year-old, 45 lb blocky babe

Location: Chicago, IL

Rescue: K9 4 Keeps

Sidewalk Dog: Well HENLO THERE! Tell us more about this gorgeous creature!

K9 4 Keeps: This special girl is Kimchi! She loves people, dogs, and herself (understandable). She loves to play with her people or by herself and is always rolling around making dinosaur noises. Smart and treat-motivated, she is curious and playful and makes anyone who meets her laugh. She is sweet as can be, but also knows what she wants—and isn’t afraid to ask for it!

SWD: Wow, sounds like she should be our life coach. What else is she into?

K94K: Kimchi loves napping, stealing socks, eating cheese, and picking up sticks. She *loves* sticks. Whether it’s a twig or a log, she will carry it with pride on a walk. Kimchi’s other hobby is rolling around to scratch her back on the couch. This is particularly entertaining as spatial awareness is not her speciality, so she falls off the couch almost every time.

SWD: Dang it, gravity! What are her special needs?

K94K: Kimchi is deaf, so she needs a little extra help and training. She also has mild allergies. She loves other dogs, but she is very forward and doesn’t always wait for an invitation to play or say hi. So she could use a hand learning the ropes of bein’ a dog!

SWD: She sounds like a real go-getter! What would be her perfect home?

K94K: A very sweet and energetic young dog, Kimchi would do best with an adopter who is dedicated to her training and keeping her active. Because she is deaf, she does not necessarily read social cues the same way hearing dogs do, so she does best with more tolerant dogs. Kimchi will need socialization, training, and exercise, but she promises to give lots of love in return. She is loads of fun, so if you’re looking for an adventure bud, Kimchi just might be the friend for you!

Brown dog standing on yellow ramp

Interested in giving Kimchi her forever home? Head over to her adoption page

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