Special Dog Seeks Special Home: Kima the Queen

Inspired by our founder Ali Jarvis’ “lemon” dog, Luc, this series is dedicated to local, special-needs pups looking for loving homes. This week’s adoptable pooch is scooped up and served to you by ScoopyPoo DoggyDoo PickUp.

Name: Kima

Stats: 3-year-old, 45-lb Australian Shepherd

Location: Twin Cities

Rescue: MN Paws


SWD: We are dying laughing over that “queen of the hill” stance! Tell us everything about Kima.

MNP: Ha — she is SO nosy! She is always watching what’s going on in the neighborhood — she could sit and watch out the window for hours. If our neighbor is in the backyard while Kima is outside, Kima sticks her face through the fence (or on top of her snow “throne”!) to keep an eye on her. Kima is also such an affectionate girl. She was so uncertain around people when she first arrived; it makes our heart feel full to see that she’s learned how awesome snuggles and love and butt scratches are. She loves to spoon but prefers to be the big spoon.

SWD: She sounds like such a terrific companion! So what’s her special need?

MNP: Kima has been in rescue for a year now. She absolutely has the herding-dog mentality and her previous life as a chained-up outside dog had negative effects. She can be anxious when encountering new things and doesn’t like to feel confined. While she loves to run and play, she still gets a little nervous on walks, so her exercise is primarily running around the backyard. She is on meds for anxiety and is doing great, but will need her adoptive family to be committed to continuing her training and also have some patience while she figures out how to be comfortable in her new home.

SWD: Kima deserves all the love and patience in the world — we know that family is out there!

MNP: We agree, and whoever adopts her is going to have so much fun as her companion. She loves playing with her dog friends, taking sunshine naps, watching out the window at the world going by, and chasing squirrels. She loves toys — she collects them all on her dog bed and will try to carry two or three in her mouth at a time. Kima also is not shy when she wants attention — if she feels like it’s time for snuggles she will get all up in your business until she feels that you have given an appropriate amount of love.

SWD: We would have a hard time turning her down! What would make the perfect home for Kima?

MNP: Kima’s ideal home absolutely includes another easy-going dog buddy; she really takes her cues from the other dogs and seems to relax more easily around them. With her anxiety and herding dog “mouthyness,” we aren’t recommending that she go to a home with kids. We think she’d be happiest in a low-key house where there isn’t much adventure, but one where she can take naps, get snuggles, and be someone’s very best friend.

If you’re interested in giving this stunning shepherd the forever home she deserves, head to her adoption page.

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