Special Dog Seeks Special Home: Kendrick the German Shorthaired Pointer

Inspired by our founder Ali Jarvis’ “lemon” dog, Luc, this series is dedicated to local, special-needs pups looking for loving homes. This week’s adoptable pooch is scooped up and served to you by ScoopyPoo DoggyDoo PickUp.

Name: Kendrick

Stats: 3-year-old, 50-lb German Shorthaired Pointer

Location: Twin Cities (or close enough!)

Rescue: Great Plains Pointer Rescue


SWD: The snuggle game is strong with this one, that much is clear! Tell us about Kendrick.

GPPR: This cutie has been through a lot, health-wise, but he’s doing so well now and is an active, happy boy. He plays like a puppy, including fetch and tug of war with his favorite squeaky toys. He’s also a speed demon — he loves to run along with his foster’s four-wheeler (about 18 mph)!

SWD: That’s seriously impressive. What’s his special need?

GPPR: Kendrick came into the rescue with some skin issues, which have since been diagnosed as a genetic disorder (exfoliative cutaneous lupus erythematosus, to be exact). The condition causes small sores on his skin that are managed with ointments. Now that his symptoms and pain are under control, Kendrick has really blossomed in his foster home.

SWD: Poor baby! We’re so glad he’s getting the care he deserves. What are some other fun facts about Kendrick?

GPPR: He’s such a delight. Kendrick will put his paws up on the window sill and watch you as you leave before retiring to his dog bed. He loves cuddling with his fluffy toys, but he has to search for the squeaker and squeak it until it stops before he will settle down for a snuggle sesh with it.

SWD: That’s so cute! What would make the perfect home for Kendrick?

GPPR: Kendrick currently lives with other dogs and does great. His ideal home would be one where he can play with other dogs and has loving people who will let him run and play, and help him when he has a skin flare up. He will always have his scars, but there is a very playful, funny GSP under those scars who just wants to cuddle at the end of the day. He has been waiting for a forever family to take a chance on him; when they do, he will love them with all of his heart.

If you’re interested in giving this soulful sweetie the forever home he deserves, head to his adoption page.

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