Special Dog Seeks Special Home: George the Labrador Retriever Mix

Inspired by our founder Ali Jarvis’ “lemon” dog, Luc, this series is dedicated to local, special-needs pups looking for loving homes.

Name: George

Stats: 10-year-old, 65-lb Labrador Retriever mix

Location: Twin Cities

Rescue: Heart of a Border Collie


SWD: Just look at that sweet pup! Tell us about George.

HBC: George is a handsome, sweet, shy, senior boy. He looks forward to every day with tail wags and a big smile. He likes the other dogs in his foster home, and will play a little bit, but mostly watches them. He’s still a bit uncertain. Otherwise, he is good at home alone during the workday, and in the evening he likes to keep his people in sight. George is patient and waits for attention, and will give you a little kiss if you lean down to him. He would like to be a lap dog, and if you sit on the floor, he’ll give it a good try.

george adoptable dog minneapolis

Just look at that smile.

SWD: He sounds so precious! What’s his special need?

HBC: When one of our board members found George, he was very sick from heartworm disease and malnutrition. But don’t worry: he was successfully treated, and he’s in tip-top shape now. We’re not too sure about his past, but have a sense he was neglected, maybe for most of his life. As a result, George is nervous about new experiences, and prefers to stay in his own backyard or in the house.

SWD: It seems like George needs some TLC and some good petting!

HBC: We’re sure he wouldn’t turn you down! He’s such a treat. In the mornings, he’ll run outside and say “Hello!” (in dog, of course) to the world. He has even gotten his other foster dogs to join him—it’s such a joyful sound. George isn’t too sure about toys yet, but he’s learning! So far he’s had a lot of fun chewing on Nylabones and playing with a shred of squeaky toy here and there.

SWD: He sounds like a joy to be around! What would a perfect home look like for George?

HBC: George would like to find a family who has experience with shy dogs and the patience to help him expand his horizons a little. A fenced yard is important for him to feel safe going about daily business and getting some fresh air and exercise. He loves just about everyone and would like to live with other dogs, or maybe with a dog-savvy cat. He would be fine as the only pet, too! We’re so excited for him to find a home.

If you’re interested in giving this sweet-faced Lab mix the forever home he deserves, head to his adoption page.

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