Special Dog Seeks Special Home: Adopt Galleta the Spunky Sweetheart

This ongoing series is dedicated to local, special-needs pups looking for loving homes.

Name: Galleta

Stats: 2- to 4-year-old, 48-pound male Shepherd/Cattle Dog mix

Location: Twin Cities

Rescue: Underdog Rescue MN

Shepherd/Cattle Dog Mix in Wheelchair sitting in front of a Christmas Tree like the gift he is

Sidewalk Dog: What a HANDSOME, good boi! Give us the deets on Galleta.

Underdog Rescue MN: Galleta is a sweet, energetic, and loving boy whose favorite things are playing fetch and giving kisses. He is a happy dog who doesn’t let his mobility issue slow him down.

SWD: What a sweet pup. What else can you tell us about his special needs?

Underdog Rescue MN: Galleta was born with a malformed disc in his spine, and was also shot in the back, so he doesn’t have full use of his hind legs. He has a wheelchair and gets around very well.

SWD: WOOF. If that isn’t a comeback story to warm your heart, I don’t know what is. What else makes him special? 

Underdog Rescue MN: When he doesn’t want to do his exercises/stretches, he likes to try to “hide” by covering his head with his paws, or he rolls on his back and kicks his back feet as if he’s showing that he can do his stretches all by himself. 

Shepherd/Cattle Dog Mix in wheelchair plays with his favorite ball

SWD: OMDOG, he sounds like such a character! We’re in ruv.

Underdog Rescue MN: Yeah, just recently he was diligently trying to get into the living room chair and was throwing himself at it any way he could think of. When that didn’t work, he started “talking” to the chair. 

SWD: Love, affection, and a goofy personality…a pawfect combo if you ask us. What type of home would be best for Galleta?

Underdog Rescue MN: Galleta’s dream home would have very few stairs, or a ramp to get outside. He would love to have a fence, but is leash-trained, so it’s not required. He does get along with most other dogs, but can sometimes be selective about who he wants to be friends with. He likes cats a little too much, so it would be best that he not live with one. He has gotten along well with the kids he’s met, but dog-savvy kids would be best! Lastly, he needs his adult(s) to be patient as well as pack leader(s). He can be slow to trust people because of his past. 

Want to adopt Galleta? Head to his adoption page!

All photos: Underdog Rescue MN

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