Special Dogs Seek Special Home: Adopt Besties Charlie and Syrena

This series is dedicated to local pups having a harder time finding their forever homes, whether it be due to age, physical impairments, or just needing a little extra attention. We could all use a friend rn, so we’re spreadin’ the woof about these special somepawdies.

Note: We are yappy to say these pups have officially been adopted. Thanks for sharing their story.

Adopt Charlie and Syrena from Humane Society of Boulder Valley

Names: Charlie and Syrena

Stats: 7-year-old 45 lb Wheaton mix (Charlie) 8-year-old 51 lb Cattle Dog (Syrena)

Location: Boulder

Rescue: Humane Society of Boulder Valley

Sidewalk Dog: There are two of ’em?! Be still our hearts. Tell us everything!

Humane Society of Boulder Valley: What’s not to love about these two?! With a little consistency, kindness, and trust, Charlie and Syrena will open themselves up to you, and their affection and connection are incredible. And the way they love each other is a love story for the ages.

SWD: Aww, that is so sweet! What is their special need?

HSBV: These two cuties are a package deal. They rely on each other for confidence and companionship, so these buddies are stickin’ together (and we’re offering 2-for-1 on their adoption fee)! Syrena and Charlie are looking for a patient guardian with a quiet home where they can settle into their favorite hidey hole and a warm lap on their terms. Because of their sensitive nature, they much prefer backyard time to walks or the dog park. So basically, they’re a homebody’s dream!

SWD: Dang, they sound like an ideal chill squad. What else are they into?

HSBV: In their previous home, this pair loved to snuggle with “their person,” romp with each other from time to time, and Syrena loves toys! During their stay at HSBV, Charlie has enjoyed exploring the creek. Syrena LOVES to snuggle and eat.

SWD: These pups are incredible. What kind of home are they lookin’ for?

HSBV: These love bugs would prefer a low-stimulation, quiet home where they are the only animals. A large fenced yard is a non-negotiable; a doggy-door and a recreation of their fave safe space would send them over the moon.

Interested in giving Charlie and Syrena their forever home? Head over to their adoption page

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