Special Dog Seeks Special Home: Bobby the Shar Pei Mix

Inspired by our founder Ali Jarvis’ “lemon” dog, Luc, this series is dedicated to local, special-needs pups looking for loving homes. This week’s adoptable pooch is scooped up and served to you by ScoopyPoo DoggyDoo PickUp.

Name: Bobby

Stats: 7-year-old-ish, 50-lb Lab/Shar Pei Mix

Location: Twin Cities

Rescue: Wags & Whiskers


SWD: Just look at that gentle face! Tell us a little bit about Bobby.

W&W: Bobby is a big-time people-lover. He has simple tastes: he loves playing with stuffed toys, laying on laps, and being told what a handsome boy he is. He loves long walks where he can go slow and really take in all the scents of the world. He really enjoys the finer things in life.

SWD: He sounds like such great company! What’s his special need?

W&W: Bobby has cataracts in both of his eyes, so his sight is limited. He can get around alright, but he sometimes runs into things and isn’t a big fan of sudden movements or changes. He likes to have plenty of time to get the “lay of the land” before moving on to something else. He was originally found in a dump in Puerto Rico and had been shot at some point, and the buck shot is still in him. It’s been there long enough that it doesn’t need to be removed, but his activity has to be limited to more leisurely walks and play.

SWD: It sounds like Bobby has been through so much. He deserves a loving home!

W&W: We couldn’t agree more! He has been such a loving companion and walk buddy. We’ve loved watching him build up some muscle, and it’s so rewarding to give him a soft bed that he can lay his head on at night. He’s been through so much, and yet he’s still so sweet and loving towards everyone he meets. Also, his tail does a complete 360-degree turn every time he sees someone he likes. It’s so precious!

SWD: We would LOVE to see that. What would make the perfect home for Bobby?

W&W: It goes without saying that Bobby would do best in a loving, comfortable home where he gets plenty of petting. He’s fully crate trained, sleeps great at night, and is so wonderful with everyone he meets. He loves kids, too! He likes other dogs, but he prefers slower introductions so he doesn’t get overwhelmed. He’s not a big fan of cats, so a feline-free home is definitely preferable. All in all, he just needs a home where he can get plenty of love and patience.

If you’re interested in giving this sweet-faced Shar Pei mix the forever home he deserves, head to his adoption page.

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