Active Dog Seeks Active Home: Adopt Tyson

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Name: Tyson

Stats: 3.5-year old Catahoula Leopard Dog Mix

Location: Denver

Rescue: MaxFund Animal Adoption Center

Sidewalk Dog: Holy pup, he’s cute. Tell us more!

MaxFund: Tyson is a gentle and friendly soul. He already knows basic commands and is eager to learn even more! He takes pride in serving as the current President of our Squirrel Patrol at MaxFund.

SWD: Sounds like the full package. What else is he into?

MaxFund: Tyson loves to go on adventures. He went to a climbing club event with a volunteer and was nothing but relaxed. He also loves to gaze into the sunset, but don’t count on the pawfect sunset selfie–with this wiggle worm, you get 5 seconds before the pic turns blurry. Tyson recently took a trip to a local news channel to show off his tricks and did so well the cameraman gave him more screentime!

You climb. I’ll just be here supervising.

SWD: What a pup star! Tell us about his activity level.

MaxFund: Due to his breed, Tyson needs a LOT of exercise. He’s the ideal Colorado mountain dog for any adventurous family! Since he’s so energetic and eager to learn, he’s also a good candidate for agility.

SWD: Active hoomans–check. What about his home?

MaxFund: He does great with kids and other dogs (although we do require a meet and greet with all family members), but he’s not a fan of cats. Too catty. He’ll need a yard, and probably a pal, to run off his energy. When he gets bored, you’ll hear the howl of his Hound people.

Interested in giving Tyson his forever home? Head over to his adoption page

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