Active Dog Seeks Active Home: Adopt Mooshoo

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Update: Thanks fur sharing Mooshoo’s story! We are yappy to announce he has found his forever home.

Adopt Mooshoo from Ruff Start Rescue

It’s the ears for us.

Name: Mooshoo

Stats: 9-month old, 25 lb Chihuahua/Labrador mix

Location: Princeton

Rescue: Ruff Start Rescue

Sidewalk Dog: Holy pup, he’s cute. Tell us more about him!

Ruff Start Rescue: Mooshoo is the smartest dog his foster has ever worked with (and she’s been around a lot of dogs!). He knows the commands sit, down, come, stay, and OK (when it’s OK for him to enter or exit the door behind a person). Being such an intelligent pup, he needs help staying out of trouble. 

SWD: He sounds like a ball! Tell us about his activity level: 

RSR: His foster is still working on training this high energy guy. He pulls a bit on the leash, but is improving each day when his foster redirects. He currently chews on anything (furniture, walls, shoes–nothing’s off limits!). He loves playing with toys and is eager to please.

SWD: We would still chew chew choose him. What kind of home would be best? 

RSR: His perfect home has a fenced-in yard so he can run off some energy whenever needed. He also needs a human who is interested in training a very intelligent dog and has the time and patience to do so slowly. His future fam needs to be willing to wait for free range of the house until Mooshoo can understand what acceptable behavior looks like. No small kiddos for this guy.

Interested in giving Mooshoo his forever home? Head over to his adoption page

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