Active Dog Seeks Active Home: Adopt Pepe

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Border Collie in creek
I won’t be needing my bath today.

Name: Pepe

Stats: 4.5-year-old Great Pyrenees/Border Collie mix

Location: Denver

Rescue: MaxFund Animal Adoption Center

Sidewalk Dog: OK, we’re in ruv. Tell us more!

MaxFund: Pepe is a tall order who loves attention, belly scratches, sunbathing outside. He’s basically an aspiring farm dog in the city. (He actually lived on a farm in a previous home and ADORED it.)

Out of all our current pups at this moment, Pepe is the one with the most nicknames: Bubba, Peps, Senor Pepe, Fluffy Monster, and Fluffster. Can you tell we love the guy?

SWD: Adopter gets to add the next nickname! What else is he into? 

MaxFund: His favorite activities are swimming, hiking, fetching, and napping on any surface. Pepe loves to romp around with toys in his mouth–the squeakier, the better. He also enjoys car rides, especially when you’re taking him on an adventure!

SWD: And what about his activity level?

MaxFund: Since Pepe used to live on a farm, he would thrive with a large yard. He’s a big boi with lots of energy! He will be a grrr-eat adventure partner for hikes, swims, and any other outdoor activities. 

Now accepting applications for full-time belly scratchers.

SWD: Active hoomans–check. What about his home?

MaxFund: His perfect home would include confident humans who are not scared of his size, and can provide him with the dedication and structure he needs to be the best canine citizen. Pepe doesn’t like when people touch his toys, and would be best as a sole dog due to his resource guarding tendencies.

MaxFund only adopts in Colorado. If you are interested in meeting Pepe, please call the shelter directly to learn more about him. Looking for another way to support Pepe? Buy a Denver Dog-Friendly Summer Brewery Pass and we’ll donate 5% of the cost back to his rescue! $25 for 25 beers–it’s a real two-fur-one.

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