Active Dog Seeks Active Home: Adopt Bindi

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Name: Bindi

Stats: 2-year-old Retriever/Lab Mix

Location: Oak Park

Rescue: Animal Care League

Sidewalk Dog: My stars, she’s a beauty! Tell us more!

Animal Care League: Bindi is a higher-energy dog with an incredibly smart brain. She uses jingle bells to signal potty time or just when she would like to walk outside in the sun. She’s so silly and playful, and aims to please her humans. She’s happy cuddling in bed on a rainy day, or exploring the town when the sun comes out. She’s not a fan of having to wake up before 9 a.m. Bindi would like to continue sleeping while you provide belly rubs until brunch time.

Yellow lab mix dog posing
I do my ears toss, check my nails… | Fetch Portraits

SWD: A brunch queen. What else is she into?

ACL: She LOVES to play with brooms, her monthly BarkBox delivery from her foster, and really any packages (You’ll never need a box cutter again!). She’s so sharp that teaching her new tricks takes a short amount of time. She’s a fan of pup cups, sunny days, and trying to fit into warm laps. 

SWD: We ruv her. What about her activity level?

ACL: A high-energy pup, she’ll thrive with a human who will harness and utilize her talents. Hikes, scenic walks, and search/sniff games all help build her confidence and provide an enriching outlet. She wants to be out and about having fun with her people. 

SWD: Active hoomans–check. What about her home?

ACL: She should only live with older kids (15+) and prefers the company of calm canines who will give her the space she needs. She should go to a dog savvy home, and in order to set her family up for success, a training deposit is required. We know she will be a furbulous addition to the right fam.

Interested in giving Bindi her forever home? Head over to her adoption page

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