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Maggie Moo: Our fearless leader (at least in her mind).

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Sidewalk Dog Media is a cause-based company with a simple mission: To promote thriving relationships between dogs, their people, and the community we share.

Looking for a restaurant patio or brewery where your dog will soon be greeted by name? Dive into our dog-friendly directory. Want to find a cool dog-friendly activity for next weekend? See our ever-changing events page. Dog parks? Yes please. Hoping to adopt a new four-legged pal? Check out our list of local rescues + shelters. And for homegrown content you won’t find anywhere else, head to our blog.

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Connecting rescue pups with loving homes is central to our mission, too.

Connecting rescue pups to forever homes is central to our purpose-driven work.

We support rescues, shelters, and other nonprofits with content featuring adoptable pups; free and discounted advertising; fundraisers online and in person; and more. Because dogs are family. ♥

Did we mention we’ve got the best Pack in the biz? (You’re gonna ruv our team so much.)

Ali Jarvis sidewalk dog

Ali Jarvis

Founder + CEO

Like a Border Terrier who’s never ready to end the game of fetch, Ali is a Pack Leader who tenaciously maximizes every opportunity life throws at her. Ali specializes in attracting good people, bringing effective ideas to light, and relating anything and everything to dogs (just try her). Other than that, she loves spending quality time with her family, including Maggie Moo the Cavalier (aka World’s Snuggliest Blanket) and Molly Roo, whose DNA results claim is Boxer, Pit Bull, Malamute, and – wait for it – Pekingese.  A regular on TV and radio, Ali’s numerous awards include Woman of Influence (Pet Age Magazine) and Business Owner of the Year (National Association of Women Business Owners – MN Chapter).

Sara Nick

Sara Nick

Growth Strategist

Hard-working and low to the ground like a Corgi, Sara’s friendly bark can be heard ‘round Sidewalk Dog’s growing network of online communities. She’s always poised to explain what interesting factoids she’s recently learned on a podcast, or to suggest what snack everyone should eat next. No one’s quite sure how she’s always able to pull the perfect dog-related meme for any given situation out of thin air, but magic tricks are always best left unexplained.

Tizzie Allen

Tizzie Allen

Operations Manager

Independent and graceful as a Greyhound, Tizzie is a multi-tasking extraordinaire. She supports every member of the Sidewalk Dog pack with her out-of-this world coordination and strategy skills. When it comes to customers, she’s as cool as a cucumber and always goes the extra mile to keep ’em wagging. Tizzie is passionate about rescue work, especially when it comes to giant/humongous/big ol’ dogs. She spends her free time taste testing new restaurants, traveling as often as possible, and hiking around the Great Outdoors with her Great Dane, Alexi.

Casey Matter

Casey Matter

Client Success Manager

As trusty and driven as a German Shepherd, Casey is adept at sniffing out new ways to bring wag-worthy products and services to our pup-loving audience. Casey is dedicated to rocking that pet-friendly lifestyle alongside her Labrador-Shepherd mix, Dani, and her Tabby cats, Link and Dexter. She spends her free time hanging at dog-friendly breweries, honing her insane gardening skills, and adventuring near and far with her furry family.

Andrea Lahouze

Content Manager

With the heart of a Golden Retriever and the brains of a Border Collie, Andrea ruvs chasing and delivering stories to Sidewalk Dog’s loyal audience. She’s also dedicated to animal rescue and is a founding board member of Secondhand Hounds. When she’s not wordsmithing Sidewalk Dog’s website, newsletter, and social media posts, Andrea can be found howling with her Basset Hounds, Chester and Coco, teaching her human daughters the finer points of Basset ear care, or sipping a chai tea latte.

Pawesome members of our extended Pack

  • Selena Moua, Marketing Intern
  • Maddi Glaeser, Instagram Maven
  • Megan WalendzinskiFreelance Writer
  • Devin Bauert, Editorial Intern
  • Taylor Hugo, Freelance Writer
  • Britt Thorson, Freelance Writer
  • Candice McMillanFreelance Writer
  • Katie MillerFreelance Writer
  • Kirsten Eitreim, Photographer
  • Kendell Lindsay, Photographer
  • Kasey RajottePhotographer
  • Mandy DempseyPhotographer
  • Jenna KilgorePhotographer
  • Sunny MartiniPhotographer

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