Dog-Friendly South Loop

Lively and historic South Loop is multifaceted, dynamic, rugged, and a heck-load of fun—just like its dog-friendly attractions. Here are 9 fun things to do with your Motor Row mutt or Prairie Avenue pup that prove South Loop is a great place to be a dog.

Motor Row Brewing

Nestled in Chicago’s famed Motor Row Historic Landmark District, Motor Row Brewing is lauded as a hidden gem—and a great place to bring your dog. An exposed brick and stainless steel aesthetic serve as a love letter to a bygone era, and the owners’ meticulous preservation process won a 2015 Chicago Landmark Preservation Award. Working dogs will appreciate its industrial vibe; all dogs will appreciate the free popcorn. 

Kasey’s Tavern

Chicago’s second oldest tavern with the second oldest liquor license in the whole dang city, it makes perfect sense why *real* Chicago dogs would choose Kasey’s as their haunt of choice. Hailed as a true Chicago bar, the intimate front patio has some of the best people watching the neighborhood has to offer. With a small seating area and none of the pretense, more chill buddies will appreciate taking a little space on a patio with less pressure to perform. 

@ourlittlelouie at Flo and Santos

Flo and Santos

Pizza, pierogi, AND a patio with dogs? I am not sure why you’d ever even go home. Flo and Santos offers up not only dream toppings (Kielbasa! Italian beef! Sauerkraut! All the veggies!), but a variety of Polish classics like pierogies, kielbasa, and potato pancakes as well as an absolutely stacked beer list. Hit ‘em up on Wednesdays for half off bottles of wine and Saturdays for $15 buckets of Polish and domestic bottles. 

The Spoke and Bird

After a ruff week, this Prairie Historical District bistro offers up a cozy retreat for you and your dog (cause let’s face it–it’s tough to be her!). Get comfortable on their cobblestone patio full of mature trees–reviewers say its calm vibe provides a great place to relax and enjoy a delicious coffee or sandwich. Pay a visit to one of the monthly patio markets or enjoy the drool-worthy breakfast selections.

Niu B Sushi and Noodle Bar

Niu B Sushi and Noodle Bar can probably win you over with only three words: ramen happy hour. Three more to seal the deal: dog-friendly patio. Settle in and kick back with inventive cocktails, fresh sushi, and mouthwatering hot plates. Specialty house cocktails are half off on Mondays, and all of their delicious ramen selections are just $8 Monday-Friday from 4-6 p.m.

@gizmothedood at Fred Anderson Dog Park

Fred Anderson Dog Park

This clean and meticulously cared-for park (seriously, one reviewer mentioned “poop angels”) is ingeniously separated into two distinct play areas (one for small or gentle dogs, and one for the big rompy ones!), so your dog will have a great time regardless of her temperament. The park went all out and included lots of pretend dog grass, adding a welcome and refreshing pop of green to the city’s typically concrete dog park options. There’s plenty of seating at both tables and benches and even a stream of running water for the dogs. If you get extra lucky, there is even a bit of free parking!

@marissamurph at Grand Bark

Grant Bark Park

About a decade ago, neighborhood committees worked tirelessly for years to bring a dog-friendly area to Chicago’s beloved front yard. Truly a labor of love, this park and its heroic citizen advocates inspired countless others throughout the city to begin lobbying for parks of their own. Grand Bark Park comes in just under half an acre and offers views of many of our favorite tall structures–the ones that warm our hearts whenever our majestic city welcomes us home.

Home Depot

Little known fact: dogs love hardware. Whether your pup is mechanically inclined or, let’s be honest–-responsible for whatever has been broken/soiled/destroyed/flooded/eaten (set on fire?) in the first place, Home Depot has what she’s looking for. With wide aisles, lots of weird smelling stuff, and her favorite person in the world, your four-legged shopper is sure to have a blast. And some cashiers have cookies!

What’s your favorite thing to do with your South Loop fren? Bark at us in comments and be sure to tag #sidewalkdog in all your dog-friendly neighborhood adventures!

(Photo by @jamesontheminigoldendoodle)

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