7 Tips for Take Your Pet to Work Day

bring your dog to work day

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This Friday, June 26 is National Take Your Pet to Work Day. If your workplace is dog-friendly (or if you can coerce your boss into letting your workplace be dog-friendly on this one day), there are a few tips to keep in mind to make sure you’re celebrating in a way that’s both respectful of your co-workers and fun for your dog.

1. Know Thy Dog.

If your dog is a barker, a jumper, a whiner, or a whirling dervish of constant activity, the office isn’t a great place for him to visit and you should leave him at home. If your dog is anxious around new people or has trouble adjusting to new spaces, this isn’t the day to push her out of her comfort zone either. This day should be just as much fun for your dog as it is for you (and your coworkers), so consider whether or not your dog will enjoy the holiday before you pack her into the car.

2. Know Thy Schedule.

If your workday on Friday is jam-packed with important meetings your dog can’t attend, then just leave your buddy at home. If you won’t be able to spend time with your dog (or bring him outside for potty breaks), there’s no point in bringing him to the office. He’ll be happier and more comfortable at home, and your co-workers won’t have to hear him whining in his crate under your desk as he sings the lonely song of his people.

3. Tucker Your Buddy Out.

Before you head to the office, make sure your dog has gotten a good amount of exercise in. So whether that means an early morning trip to the dog park or getting up earlier to fit in a solid walk, make sure your buddy burns off that extra energy before you get to work. A tired dog is a calm dog, which means your furry friend will be more relaxed in this new space — and that’s good news for him, for you, and all your coworkers.

4. Come Prepared.

Bring toys and treats along for your buddy, so you can keep him quiet while you work. Think about filling a Kong and popping it in the freezer this week so your dog will have to work a little harder (and a little longer) to get the goodies out. A dog with their own job to do will leave you alone long enough for you to do yours. Just make sure you leave any squeaky toys at home: the best toys for the office are silent ones. Think about bringing a towel or small dog bed as well — a comfortable place that smells like home will help her relax in your office.

5. Not Everyone Loves Your Pet as Much as You Do.

Some of your coworkers don’t like dogs, some are allergic to dogs, and some are just too busy to spend time fawning over your pooch. And that’s okay. Don’t force anyone to pet your dog or “come say hi,” or you’ll discover that next year, your office might not be participating in National Take Your Pet to Work Day again.

6. Keep Him on a Short Leash. Literally.

Retractable leashes aren’t the right choice for an office setting. You need to keep your dog by your side at all times, and that means a standard six-foot leash is your friend. Not only is that just good etiquette, but your coworker just might have a secret stash of candy in their desk, and no one’s going to be happy if your pup sniffs it out.

7. Down, Boy.

Even though your dog might be King of the Couch at home, office furniture is no place for your pup to hang out. Keep your dog on the floor.

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