6 Twin Cities Rescue Dogs You’ll Wanna Adopt This Minute

Rumble from A Rotta Love Plus is such a gentleman, he rings a bell when he needs to go out. (Photo by Michelle Krohn Photography)

It’s National Animal Shelter Appreciation Week and we are so puppin’ thankful to all the rescues and shelters working their tails off for the grrr-eater good. As are our friends at NutriSource Pet Foods, so much so that they’ve asked us to shine a spotlight on a few Twin Cities pups awaiting adoption. Read on at your own risk of a lifetime of love, walks, and slobbery kisses. Then, enter to win a medium bag of any NutriSource formula pet food via the form at the bottom of this article.


8-year-old Beagle from Secondhand Hounds

Story: A recent transplant from a Kentucky shelter, Lola’s only goal in life is to love and be loved.

Paw-sonality: Proving age is just a number, this little lady is actually a spunky goofball who’s guaranteed to make you laugh. Her fave activities include running zoomies around the living room, showing off her famous Beagle bay, and taking her hound dog nose outside to explore the world. Lola is friendly with kids, cats, and other dogs, too. Plus, those VELVETY ears! Learn more about Lola.




1-2-year-old Hound mix from Safe Hands Rescue

Story: Trevor is waiting in a loving foster home for the paw-fect fam to bring him home.

Paw-sonality: That megawatt smile is genuine: Trevor’s a super-happy dude who loves toys, kids, and cuddling. If you’re looking for a running partner, look no further—he’s a frequent flyer on the Midtown Greenway with his foster mom. He loves learning new tricks in exchange for T-R-E-A-T-S. He’s also a gentleman who sits at the door when he needs to go out. Trevor’s not too keen on cats, but does well with most other dogs after an intro. He’s excellent with kiddos and gives lots of kisses. Learn more about Trevor.




8-year-old American Staffordshire Terrier from Coco’s Heart Dog Rescue

Story: Tonka Abrams came into rescue in really ruff shape. Found as a stray by a local animal control facility, Abrams was dirty, injured, and in need of medical attention, so Coco’s Heart stepped in to help right away. He’s since recovered and can’t wait for a lifetime of TLC!

Paw-sonality: Although named after a battle tank, Abrams is a lover, not a fighter. He’s totally friendly with people and other dogs despite his difficult past. (His opinion about cats is unknown.) In fact, his experienced foster mom says he’s the sweetest pup she’s ever had in her home. Since he’s a low rider, Abrams would do best in a home with minimal stairs or a family willing to carry him up and down. And, v. important detail: He likes his crate to be as cozy as a pillow fort. #alltheblankets Learn more about Tonka Abrams.




6-year-old Bulldog-Boxer mix from Secondhand Hounds

Story: Evelyn came from an animal control facility, but now she’s soaking up snuggles in a loving foster home ’til she finds the perfect furever family.

Paw-sonality: This mellow gal adores affection and companionship; she’s dog-, cat-, and kid-friendly. She’d love it if her furever family were home most of the day and included another dog to keep her company when they’re gone. Evelyn has some arthritis in her spine, and so a one-level home would be ideal for her. Her pastimes of choice include tailing her humans around the house like it’s her job, napping like a champ, and snuggling up for all the pets. Learn more about Evelyn.




1-year-old American Pit Bull Terrier from A Rotta Love Plus

Story: Rumble was picked up as a stray by a local animal control facility. Kennel life was stressful—so much that he suffered some major hair loss. But after a month in his loving foster home, this handsome puppy’s doing grrr-eat!

Paw-sonality: Rumble’s almost full-grown but like most teenagers, he’s still getting used to his adult body, which causes the occasional (doggone adorable) stumble when he’s excited. He’s working on his manners, but is a quick and treat-motivated learner. In just two days, he learned to ring a bell when he needs to go out. Other tricks in his collection: sit, down, shake, and high-five. (Go team!) He’s dog- and kid-friendly, too. (No word on kittehs yet.) His foster mom says he’d be a great partner at the dog-friendly patios around town. Learn more about Rumble.




3-year-old American Staffordshire Terrier mix from No Dog Left Behind

Story: Over a year ago, a kind police officer found poor Lucas injured and bleeding from the head and rushed him to a vet in Grand Forks, ND, who performed emergency surgery. But Lucas’s history of being abused hasn’t tempered his love for gentle hoomans.

Paw-sonality: Lucas loves to curl up beside you on the couch, and belly rubs are his favorite thing in the world. He’s friendly with some dogs but would be best in a home where he’s the only dog, and perhaps where there is a child as he thinks smol hoomans are the best co-cuddlers. (He has not been tested with cats yet.) He’s a smarty pants and knows sit, down, and shake. Lucas is also kinda famous: He is featured in Rescue Matters, a new book about rescue dogs coming out next month. Learn more about Lucas.


We can’t wait to follow along as these deserving dogs find their furever homes. (Could one of them be yours?) And for dog’s sake, share this post so these puppies can start livin’ the TREAT life ASAP.


Tail wags to NutriSource Pet Foods for making this post possible. Family owned and MN-based, NutriSource is dedicated to whole-body pet health and giving back to their community (seriously, these guys are crazy generous). And now they wanna treat YOU! Fill out this form for a chance to win.


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