6 Thanksgiving Foods You Can Share With Your Dog

Thanksgiving is a time to reflect on all you’re grateful for, which for pet owners, means being thankful for our furriest friends. It’s also that time of year when we’re allowed encouraged to shove turkey, sweet potatoes, green beans, bread rolls, mashed potatoes, cranberries, pumpkin pie, pecan pie, apple pie, and every other type of pie you can get your paws on into your body. This is your pup’s favorite holiday: plenty of opportunities for table scraps to fall to the floor as forks move between plates and mouths. Sometimes, dog owners feel guilty for enjoying a delicious spread of special foods while their pup eats their regular fare. Because we, like you, don’t want any part of your family to feel left out on this day of days, we’ve created an easy-to-prepare feast for Fido with these six Thanksgiving foods for dogs that are both safe and tasty as all get-out. [Editor’s Note: We do not encourage creating the entire feast your pup. Instead, pick and choose a food or two from the menu and even then, control the portion sizes. The key to a happy digestive system, folks, is moderation.]


Turkey: It’s Thanksgiving, and for the carnivores among us, that means the focus is on turkey. (We’re all about that baste.) Lucky for your pup, turkey is just fine for him to enjoy, too! Things to keep in mind: white meat is best for him, and never feed your dog the turkey skin or bones.


Sweet, Sweet Puptato. Sweet potatoes are a great treat for your pup. To keep things healthy, serve your pup a bit of plain baked sweet potatoes without the skin, and make sure it hasn’t been doused in butter or seasonings yet.

Veggies. Served in small amounts, steamed carrots, broccoli, and green beans are health foods for your dog. Some trainers even use frozen green beans as a training treat.

Cranberries. Cranberries are packed with great vitamins that can benefit your dog. If you’re making your cranberry sauce from scratch, feel free to share a bit. But if you’re feasting on the canned or jelly cranberry sauce, skip it altogether. That stuff has a lot of sugar, which isn’t healthy for Fido.

Bread (not dough). Bread rolls (in small quantities) won’t hurt your buddy. But skip the raw bread dough. The heat from your pup’s body may cause swallowed bread dough to rise inside of him, which is uncomfortable at best and fatal at worst.


Pumpkin (skip the pie and spices). Dogs love pumpkin! Avoid sharing canned pumpkin pie filling or a pumpkin pie – it’s too rich for your dog’s digestive system. And make sure the pumpkin you do feed your dog hasn’t been spiced or seasoned:  spices like nutmeg and sage are poisonous for your pooch.

Bone appétit, pups!

(Photo by @murrow_the_frenchie)

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  1. Jolie

    For the past 1 1/2 years we have shared our lives with our 14 yr old rescue pup that had a history of untreated ear infections, deafness, grain allergies, dual combusted hip sockets and Cushing’s disease. We have been able to bring her to her optimum health level through a very strict diet and lots of consistent, gentle TLC. So she will definitely NOT have anything with any wheat in it or anything very salty. Our Ellie does best with meat, so turkey will for sure be our treat of choice. Only if she doesn’t beg at the table!!!!!


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