5 Easy Ways to Give Back to Chicago Dogs this Howliday Season

“So, you’re saying you’d jump in Lake Michigan fur me. In the winter. In costume.”

Obviously, dogs are earth angels who make our lives brighter and even sometimes give us a reason to wake up (and immediately take them outside…) each day. And even though we work tirelessly to provide our best friends with the lives they deserve, there are so many pups who need our help. But don’t terrier self up about it! You still have plenty of time make a huge impact on a good doggo in need. Here are five amazing ways to make every lil’ buddy feel like somepawdy this holiday season.

Host a Fleece Blankie-Making Party
The good boys and girls at Chicago Animal Care and Control deserve all the snuggles, but city shelters aren’t exactly known as the cuddliest places in the world. Looks like it’s time to save the day with the power of crafting (and partying). Grab some friends, order some pizzas, pop some bottles, and get tying! With a little time and lots of love, you can make them as comfy as possible while they wait for their forever.

Play Santa Paws
Organize a supply drive at work or school and make it rain prezzies! After all, your favorite rescue’s Amazon Wishlist is just a quick hop, skip, and Google search away. Rally up your people and get orderin’. And psst, Next Stop Home is doing Dog’s work by supporting Chicago’s neediest open-access shelter dogs and doing everything they can to give overlooked pups the second chances they deserve. With a little teamwork, we think your office or class could clear their list! Or Safe Humane’s. Or Chicago Canine Rescue’s.

Do Something *Ice* For the Pups
Do you like immersing yourself in frigid water…in costume? Then doggone it, Alive Rescue’s 11th Annual Shelter Shiver is for you. Register now and ask for donations to your personal fundraising page in lieu of gifts this year. There’s a pretty good chance your family would rather spend money on the impending pictures of you freezing your tail off in Lake Michigan than on another pair of Santa socks for you anyway.

Have a Christmas Eve Sleepover with a Shelter Dog
Even with tons of frenly volunteers giving out pets like Oprah, the shelter floor is no place for a pup at Christmas. Bust out a long-termer from CACC and get ready to slumber pawty! Sleepover guests must be only pets in the home (especially since they hog the covers) and will come with all the supplies they need including JAMMIES from Rescue Chicago. Be sure to sign up by December 16 for your chance to snuggle with a pro. Busy for the holiday? You can take somepuppy on a special field trip, too.

Give the Gift that Keeps Giving
That’s right: become a member! You can become a monthly donor for Live Like Roo (an organization that assists families and their dogs through a cancer diagnosis by providing financial and emotional support), C.R.I.S.P. (Chicago’s very own shelter diversion program working round the clock to keep pets with their families and divert pups from the city shelter whenever possible), or One Tail at a Time (an all-breed dog rescue that is rolling out a ton of innovative programs including a new vet clinic and a rainbow mobile adoption truck). Your small monthly recurring donation sustains your favorite organizations so they can keep helping dogs in need all year long.

What’s your favorite way to help local rescue and shelter fluffs? Woof at us in the comments.

(Photo by Mark Zamora)

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