5 Ways to Get Out on the Water With Your Seattle Dog

Ahoy, land-dwellers! Seattle is heating up, and living near so much wet stuff is why we ruv this city oh so much. There are plenty sniff-worthy, dog-friendly spots where the whole family can get wild, and we’ve narrowed them down to our top 5 favorite activities that are 100% mutt-approved.

Stand-up Paddle Board

Become one with the water while practicing the zen art of paddle boarding on Lake Union. popSUP Seattle will allow your well-behaved pooch to ride the gentle rolls of the beautiful water. Newbies welcome as they offer lessons for beginners, too. If you already own a board, maybe it’s time to invest in the SUP Dog Board Pad to provide some extra cushion for your co-pilot (and to protect your board from long-nailed paws). 

Hit the Beach

Locally referred to as “Doggy Disneyland,” Marymoor Off-Leash Dog Park in Redmond consists of over 40 acres, five river access points and over six miles of winding trails. It’ll be a puppin’ good time for pooch and hooman alike. Looking to stay closer to Seattle? The award for the city’s largest dog park goes to Magnuson Park Off-Leash Area in Sand Point. It spans 8.6 fully fenced acres and opens up to Lake Washington where pooches can frolic through the water to their heart’s content. Before you go, brush up on dog park etiquette, because there’s nothing worse than a good doggo paired with a naughty owner.

Take a Cruise

For once, there is a T-R-E-A-T for both you and your canine. The Fremont Sunday Ice Cream Cruise services Seattle year-round with a 45-minute tour of Lake Union featuring “humorous narration and some funky background music.” Not to bury the lead, but they offer ice cream treats and hot chocolate to munch on while cruisin’. Dogs are welcome, so we recommend keeping your sweet treat close (lest a wandering tongue might steal a lick).


Row, row, row your kayak, gently ‘round Green Lake! Greenlake Boathouse is your one-pup-shop for all your boating needs. They have kayaks, stand-up paddle boards, pedal boats, sailboats, row boats and even water bikes. Your water dog can feel like a regular barkswain as you paddle, pedal or merely float over the quiet water of Green Lake. You must clean up after pooch, a small price – and general courtesy – for a wet excursion your mutt with ruff.

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SplashDog Canine Well-Being Center (Photo by ClooneyDog and Friends)

Learn to Swim

Let’s be honest. Not all dogs are made the same. While yours may naturally take paw-stretching leaps off docks to belly flop into the great blue, that isn’t always the case. For those puppers who need a little extra push, SplashDog Canine Well-Being Center offers swim lessons and assisted pool sessions with professional swim technicians to make pooch feel completely comfortable as she learns to doggy paddle. They also provide therapy pool sessions for those with injuries, disabilities or physical problems, as well as self-swim sessions for owners who want a safe space to get in some laps with a furry shadow.

What is your pup’s pawferred mode of water recreation? Woof at us in the comments! Don’t fur-get to take lots of pics while you’re out doin’ swimmies and tag #SidewalkDog so we can give you ALLL the heart eyes.

(Top photo by Mitchell Orr on Unsplash)

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