5 Furbulously Dog-Friendly Patios in Chicago

Patios and dogs: name a more iconic duo. We can’t think of one either! Here are five of our very furvorite spots to kick back and party in the great outdogs.

Sportsman’s Club
Sportsman’s Club is an obvious choice for all the pups and people out there who identify as cocktail enthusiasts. Enjoy gazing at your pal draped in the glow of the back patio’s dreamy globe lights as you knock back one (or all?) of their four rotating daily cocktail offerings. Dogs are welcome inside too, probably so hunting breeds can enjoy the bar’s expansive taxidermy spread. The fine folks here are happy to grab your dog a water, and your dog will be even happier when you sneak her some of your plate at one of Sportsman’s famed backyard barbecue series takeovers.

The Spoke and Bird
If you’re looking for a cozy retreat, look no further than this beloved Prairie Historical District bistro. Its cobblestone patio full of mature trees serves up calm vibes (and delicious coffee, of course). Pups are also welcome at its monthly patio markets. And it’s suuuper close to both the dog park at 16th and Prairie (perfect for shy buddies who get overwhelmed at the big parks) and Fred Anderson Park (a great fit for the pup who wants to show off his beach bod in the pawsome summer dog fountains).

Big Star
There is one thing we know for sure: dogs effing love tacos. Furtunately, the main patio and the walk-up patio are both dog friendly (which’ll sure come in handy on those days the line is down the block). There’s plenty of heaters to keep you both toasty when the sun goes down, and this iconic spot is nestled between not one, not two, but *three* of our favorite dog activities in all the land: Wicker Park Dog Park, Churchill Field Dog Friendly Area, and the 606. As if we needed additional reasons to knock back an extra marg.

Parson’s Chicken and Fish
Parson’s loves dogs almost as much as we love its crushable boozy slushies. Plenty of water bowls and yummy treats await your best bud in its epic backyard where (s)he’ll probably meet lots of new friends and convince you to share just a tiiiny bite of fried chicken or fish. And loads of picnic tables and umbrellas mean your pup can enjoy both sun and shade. Walk off all that Purple Drank on the 606 or meander through Palmer Park after your patio hangs.

Bang Bang Pie and Biscuits
Who said patio life is just for boozin’? Brunch picnic vibes are just what the dogtor ordered for woofers who need a little more space. Spread out in the huge backyard where your anxious pup can enjoy your company and a couple-two-three slices of pie without all the overwhelm. Seriously, grab an Adirondack chair and hang a while without all the pressure of constant pets and too-close doggy neighbors (we get it, pup—it’s tough to be famous) Follow it with a long walk through Humboldt Park and we reckon you’ve got a heckin’ ideal Sunday Funday.

What’s your fave dog-friendly patio in the Chi? Bork at us in the comments.

(Photo by KME Photography)

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