5 Chicago Rescue Dogs You’ll Wanna Adopt This Minute

Sapphire from One Tail at a Time gives the best doggo kisses.

It’s National Animal Shelter Appreciation Week and we are so puppin’ thankful to all the rescues and shelters working their tails off for the grrr-eater good. As are our friends at NutriSource Pet Foods, so much so that they’ve asked us to shine a spotlight on a few Chicago pups awaiting adoption. Read on at your own risk of a lifetime of love, walks, and slobbery kisses. Then enter to win a medium bag of pet food in any NutriSource formula via the form at the bottom of this article.



1-year-old Pit Bull-Beagle mix from L.E.A.D. Rescue

Story: Poor Marilyn spent her first months outdoors, tied to a short chain that weighed more than her 27-pound frame. She got her freedom ride to rescue after a local animal control facility was alerted to her living conditions.

Paw-sonality: If those eyelined lids and perfectly heart-shaped print on her nose don’t win you over, Marilyn’s sweetness certainly will. She’s playful with her doggo buds and loves ‘em so much that a dog sibling is a must for her. She’s not been tested with cats yet. Marilyn’s still learning about the indoor world, so she’s working on housetraining. She likes children as long as they are gentle—she’s a timid gal who will blossom over time. Marilyn is also a court case dog through Safe Humane Chicago, which means she and her adopter will receive free training and support for life. Learn more about Marilyn.




10-11-year-old Labrador-German Shepherd Dog mix from New Leash on Life

Story: Beemo wasn’t getting the attention he deserved at a local shelter, so New Leash on Life brought him into rescue so he could live with a loving foster family while he awaits adoption.

Paw-sonality: Don’t let his age fool ya: Beemo is the adoptable of your dreams. He’s a very social gentleman who LOVES other dogs and children. (His foster fam thinks he’d be cool with cats, too.) He’s mild-mannered and gentle, and loves to show off his toys and get pets when visitors come over. Fave pastimes include: snuggles, simple walks, car rides, and treats. If you think that sounds #basic, he’s anything but: He starred in Shakespeare in the Park’s production of Two Gentlemen of Verona this past summer. Learn more about Beemo.




4-year-old Staffordshire Bull Terrier mix from One Tail at a Time

Story: Sapphire came to One Tail at a Time from a local Chicagoland shelter, and is livin’ it up with her foster fam while she awaits adoption.

Paw-sonality: A cuter version of a weighted blanket, Sapphire loves snuggling on her hoomans’ laps. This lady-dog has excellent household manners and also enjoys swimming in the pool, learning new tricks for treats, and getting belly rubs. She wants to be the only doggo in your home and she’s not sure about cats. She is fur-bulous with humans of all ages and is extremely patient and gentle with children. She’s also kinda famous on Instagram because her foster mama’s pawesome like that. Learn more about Sapphire.




2-year-old American Staffordshire Terrier mix from Wright-Way Rescue

Story: Tonks and her babies traveled all the way from Mississippi to get to Wright-Way, where she was also treated for heartworms. Now that she’s watched them all (the puppies, not the heartworms) find their forever homes, she is ready to find her own.

Paw-sonality: Tonks loved her pups dearly, but she’d prefer to be the only animal and (fur)kid in her forever home as she’s quite the attention hog! Fave activities include being the only apple of her hoomans’ eyes, and taking walks for the sights, the smells, and most of all, the SQUIRRELS. Tonks is an Olympic-level squirrel detector, and will happily chase them up trees all day long. Learn more about Tonks.




2-3-year-old Rat Terrier mix from Wagging Hearts Rescue

Story: Rescued from a high-kill shelter in Kentucky, this beautiful girl gave birth to seven healthy puppies shortly after arriving at her foster home. After caring for them and watching them get adopted, she’s now ready to find her own forever home.

Paw-sonality: Grace is gentle with people and other dogs, and excellent with kids. She’s a low-energy cuddler who’d be a grrr-eat apartment pup. Bunnies and squirrels activate her chase mode, so chances are she wouldn’t play nice with kittehs. No crate needed, she’s good having the run of the house when her people are out. She’s also earned the nickname “little mountain goat” as she jumps puppy gates with room to spare. Learn more about Grace.


We can’t wait to follow along as these deserving dogs find their furever homes. (Could one of them be yours?) And for dog’s sake, share this post so these puppies can start livin’ the TREAT life ASAP.


Tail wags to NutriSource Pet Foods for making this post possible. They’re dedicated to whole-body pet health based on the safest, most nutritious ingredients available. They’re family owned, Midwest-based, and passionate about supporting independent retailers and giving back to their community. (Seriously, these guys are crazy generous.)


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