Make A Dog’s Day: 3 Chicago Rescue Dogs You’ll Wanna Adopt This Minute

These three rescue dogs have a ton of love to give, and their special needs only make each of ‘em even gooder. Not only are they all super awesome, but their adoption fees AND one year of routine vet care are all sponsored thanks to Subaru’s Make a Dog’s Day today. That’s right, these dogs have FREE adoption fees and a year of FREE vet care! Zoomie on over to The Anti-Cruelty Society and make it official, OK?

3-year-old Glossy Gold Seriousfaced Dreamboat

Story: Sarge found himself in the shelter after a lifestyle change in his previous family. This underdog has hip displaysia and a huge heart!

Paw-sonality: Sarge is very sweet and loves people and dogs alike. He’s a mellow dude who walks well on leash and has a valiant and distinguished look as would be expected for a hensome gentleman like himself. He is the proud owner of a very dapper masked snoot, which makes him even more debonair. Plus, his adoption fee is sponsored!

4-year-old Twinkly Staffie Mix with Polka Dots that SPARKLE

Story: Magic 8 Ball is so special and adorable with an extra pet-able blocky noggin. He has skin allergies but is not on any medication or a special diet, so no need to worry–just keep calm and cuddle on!

Paw-sonality: Dis boy is loads of fun! Energetic and strong as h*ck, Magic 8 Ball is lookin’ for a fam that can help him learn to party puppropriately. He loves to exercise and play with other dogs and will need some practice keeping his cool when he gets jazzed. He gives tummy scratchies a 14/10 and would appreciate these constantly if possible. Plus, he has a v cute spot on his eye that makes him look like a dog model, and did we mention his adoption fee is sponsored?

2-year-old Dorito-Eared Eyelinerhund

Story: Jasmine is a gorgeous beauty queen who is very sweet and perfect. She has a minor heart murmur, probably because her heart is so pure that it sings just a little.

Paw-sonality: Jasmine loves to snuggle and get a chest rubbie whenever available. She’s a people pleaser and loves affection. She needs some leash practice and a strong human friendo who’ll help her manage her utter exhilaration upon seeing squirrel friends. Because of her…enthusiasm, she’s not a match for homes with little kids or small animals. She is so good! ‘Dopt this precious gem (fur free!) today.

Head to The Anti-Cruelty Society to check out these buddies and more! Be sure to tag #sidewalkdog in all your gotcha day photos.

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