Shop Dog: Howie of Excelsior Bay Books

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We recently dug up deets on all things dog-friendly in Excelsior, and couldn’t wait to learn more about shop dog Howie of Excelsior Bay Books. This cozy indie bookstore invites customers to enjoy volumes of treats for humans on its shelves, and literal T-R-E-A-Ts on paw for four-legged companions.

SWD: Hello, Howie! Was there ever a cuter Terrier? We think not.

EBB: Howie’s our guy! We adopted him as a puppy from Midwest Animal Rescue & Services. He is now five years old and works part time at the store.

Howie of Excelsior Bay Books, dog-friendly bookstore

Howie loves reading about the local food scene. He also loves scrambled eggs.

SWD: What does a day the life of Howie the shop dog look like?

EBB: His work days are Tuesdays and Thursdays. We open the store and turn on all the lights, sweep or shovel the sidewalk, and then it’s nap time. There is pillow behind the counter but sometimes he naps on a chair (always in sight of the door). Mid-day we go for a walk around town or to the park, pick up a sandwich, and then head back for an afternoon snooze. When it’s time to go home he gives me “the look.”

SWD: How does Howie react to your customers?

EBB: Depending on his mood, he most often ignores people — kind of like an old dog in a pub — but kids are always greeted happily. When new-to-him dogs come in, he must wait behind the counter quietly, which can be a challenge. (He finds his familiar doggy friends easier to ignore.) Sometimes he’s a pain. Mostly he’s a joy!

SWD: Such a lovely life for a pupper. Does Howie have any favorite books?

EBB: You bet! On our Howie’s Picks page he maintains a list of recent reads; for some of the books he even pens a sweet or sassy review. Stop in soon so he can show you his favorites in person!

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