10 Seattle Dogs You Should Be Following on Instagram

With dog parks aplenty and more shops ‘n breweries than ever jumping on the dog-friendly barkwagon, Seattle’s a pretty wonderful place for the woofers. Heck, there are more pooches than children here and that’s a doggone fact! So here in no paw-ticular order are 10 Seattle dog accounts to follow on Instagram.

1. @foxandthegremlin
Kato and Ellie are two city dogs who venture where no pupper has been before! These two fashionistas know all the best hiking spots and look fly doing it. #doitforthegram

2. @thenoahcenter
The official account for The NOAH Center just north of Seattle has been saving pets since 1988, which makes it the OG Washington rescue. The center has partnered with more than 55 shelters across the Evergreen state to help more than 36,000 pups! Follow these guys for a virtual dose of puppy breath on the regular.

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3. @gojiraonadventures
If you think you’ve seen a bear-lion hybrid walking around the streets of Seattle, you’re not wrong. It’s probably miss Goji, the Chow Chow who also looks like she’s part wild animal. She’ll impress you with her hairdos, charm you with her cuteness, and make you believe magical teddy bears are real.

4. @filson.yosen
What’s prettier than a lilac flower? A lilac Chinese Shar Pei, of course. Wrinkles always look better on dogs and Filson has plenty of ’em to go around. If he had a dating profile, the ladies would be all ears over tails fur his epic selfies.

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5. @seattleanimalshelterfoundation
The Seattle Animal Shelter Foundation (SASF) helps the Seattle Animal Shelter do its thang by engaging the community, hosting events, and raising funds for pups seeking furever homes. There’s usually beer and puppies involved, so wag your way over to this page to stay in the loop. 

6. @outdoorhound
Dogs are like potato chips, you can never just have one. And if you’re like these people, you’ll just go ahead and have 10 hush puppies and call it a day; or a lifestyle.

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7. @basilthegolden
Basil the all-American Golden Retriever makes us feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Trust us, you’ll wanna keep scrolling. Keep an eye out for a theater near you (or lets be real, Netflix library), because you can bet sweet Basil’s gonna be on the screen one day.

8. @misfitfrenchies
If you don’t already have the FOMO, add this photogenic French Bulldog trio to your list and you’ll be insta-jealous. Follow along on this pack’s travels through magical Pupcific Northwest forests, and then make plans to do some adventuring with your own puppers.

9. @popgoesthecorgi
Go ahead and try to find a happier Cardigan Welsh Corgi, I dare you! From dog parks to landmarks, Sodapop totally owns the Seattle dog scene with his adventurous spirit.

10. @troubleon4paws
Ever seen something so majestic you needed a double-take? One look at White Swiss Shepherd, Fenrir, basking in all his furry glory and you’ll want another. He’s also an avid foodie, weekend warrior, and K9 gladiator mud run finisher. We can’t puppin’ wait to follow along on his next adventure.

Who would you add to the list? Woof at us in the comments!

(Top photo by @outdoorhound)


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