10 Ridiculously Easy Ways to Help Your Favorite Dog-friendly Resource

Sidewalk Dog was created to help you better enjoy life with your dog by your side. We’re lucky to be a dog-friendly resource to the best dog-lovin’ community around. Your support inspires us to be better for you and makes us feel as happy as a pup getting a belly rub. We get a lot of questions from you, our pawsome pals, on how you can help us continue to do what we do. Here are a 10 super-easy ways:

Photo: KME Photography

Photo: KME Photography

  1. YAP OUR NAME. Taking your pup someplace you saw in our directory or read about in our blog? Attending an event you found on our events page? Tell ’em Sidewalk Dog sent you every. single. time.
  2. BARK THIS TERRITORY. Know a pet biz? Or a non-pet biz that welcomes dogs, like a restaurant, brewery, coffee shop, or apartment building? Then spill the kibble, because you know they should be listed in our directory! You can help us make this state the dog-friendliest in the entire U.S. of A. 
  3. SHARE THE RUV. Do we help make life with your dog easier and more fun? Send us a note about it—the more details, the better. We can use these to attract more advertisers, which’ll help us be a better resource. Circle of life!
  4. GO DOGS GO! And attend our pawsome events. Almost all are dog-friendly, but every single one includes dog-related fun. 
  5. STICK UP FOR US. Use your wheels to spread the woof. SWD bumper stickers are FREE in our shop and incredibly good looking. Purr-fect for the back end or your car windows. And they make for cool indoor decor, too: from cubicle art to laptop pizzazz, your office space will perk up like a pup who smells popcorn. Bonus: Bumper stickers come with a magnet to pop on your fridge, inspo board, or any attractive surface.
  6. SPORT OUR SWAG. Buy our stuff. Submit ideas for sayings and styles or other SWD products, for that matter. We really wanna know your hopes and dreams in this department!
  7. HELP CURATE OUR SHOP. Tell us what other products (especially local!) you’d like to see in our store. Have a paw-sonel connection with a pet product business “maker” or owner? Introduce us! 
  8. MAKE YOUR BEAGLE LEGAL. And all other citified canines. Buy and renew your Minneapolis pet license through us, and we’ll thank you with free beer, doggie treats, and virtual ear scritches. (Want your city added? Us too! Contact your mayors.)
  9. SPREAD THE WOOF. Tell your friends, family, networks, frenemies, etc. about Sidewalk Dog. Invite them to like our page on Facebook, send them a link to sign up for our newsletter, bring ‘em to upcoming events (see #6).
  10. JOIN OUR PACK. Join our Faecbook group (we’ve got ’em in the Twin Cities and Chicago), introduce yourself and your pup(s), and spill the kibble with us!

Photo: Renee Duncan Photography

You SWDers make us wag every single day, and we appreciate every single thing you can do to help us be a better dog-friendly resource. Got an idea you don’t see here? Speak! (Email us at woof@sidewalkdog.com.) 

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