10 Pups Dressed Up for the Vikings Game

Only fellow Vikings fans understand the emotional turmoil of being Vikings fans (though last night’s W was enough to make us cheer with wild abandon!). Furtunately, these #purplepups are ready to be both our skol dogs and our emotional support animals. Just be careful yelling “Go, DIGGS!” or you might get a hole in the yard. Skol ‘n cuddle. We can do this.

1. These two spy a W on the horizon:

2. She’s already winning just look at that furstyle:

3. This pair’s much more fearsome than any Detroit Lion:

4. And this two-pack’s Thielen the love:

5. Dis perma-fetcher took “get the ball” literally:

6. And this purple pup just wants to know why that guy on the TV’s yelling “TACO! TACO!”:

7. Gus Gus is only in it for the snausages and we’re not judgin’:

8. But this pack still has hope:

9. The third pic is every post-game Vikes fan:

10. And no matter what happens, this good girl wears what we all feel deep in our souls:

How does your dog puppare fur Vikings games? Woof at us in the comments!

(Top photo by @mr_jack_the_lab)

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