10 Hilarious Lost-Dog Signs

Just visiting the neighbors again.

If you’ve ever had a pet go missing, you know it’s no laughing matter. Nevertheless, we couldn’t help but get a good old-fashioned LOL from these 10 lost (and found) dog signs.

(Editor’s note: In Minnesota we’re fortunate to have terrific resources for dog owners whose pets have run off. Check out our stories on Lost Dogs MN and The Retrievers for more info. And if you find a lost dog? Here’s what to do.)

1. Can’t say we blame this person.


2. Very meta. (Don’t fret, SWDers — we’re sure this is a joke.)


3. Personality: “Oily.”


4, 5 & 6. Not dogs. (Technically.)




7. Now you can’t unsee him.


8. It’s 2017. Can we please not eat our pets?


9. Not lost. Just awesome.


10. Long live freedom!


(Top photo by Mitchell Orr)

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