10 Hallowoofers Share Their Costume Tips and It’s Making Us LOL

It’s time once again for all you haunted hounds and demon doggos out there to take to the streets dressed as horrifying things like SCARY PRETZELS and TERRIFYING TACOS. These hallowoofers already got spooky and we are 100% living for it. Take their tips for a dog Halloween costume so pawesome your human’ll give you allllllll the treats.

Furst you gotta find the best costume:

Then you must accessorize:

Make sure your costume is the right size. Yep perfect:

But watch out for those webs, they’re puppin’ EVERYWHERE:

Practice that penguin walkie yes v convincing:

Get in character:

Dress up w/ a fren:

Be spooky (but don’t scare yourself):

OK now go pup-ulate the meadows with the happiest invasive species ever:

Want even more costume inspo? Maymo’s your dog:

What dog Halloween costume are you rocking this year? Bork at us in the comments.

(Top photo by @leo_the_lionpup)

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