10 Doggos Dressed Up for the Broncos Game

Not gonna lie, it’s been a ruff season for our beloved Broncos so far, but if anything can keep our tails waggin’ it’s these 10 doggos dressed in their game-day best.

Did you even go to the game if you didn’t snap a pic with Parker the Snow Dog? (Yes, that’s Erin Andrews!)

If these cute-as-fluff cheerleaders can’t motivate the Broncos, we don’t know what will.

Clearly, Stacks is only here for da snax.

Well, it is called a TAILgate, after all.

“Mom, did you see that play?!”

Can’t help but pant for Noah Fant.

Name a better combo than goldens and game days (go ahead, we’ll wait).

That’s one mean-muggin’ game face if we ever saw one.

Picture #3 is givin’ us all the fourth-quarter feels.

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And last but not least, let’s all admire this good boi who reminds us of better times (a.k.a. when Peyton Manning was quarterback).

(Top photo from @officialsnowdog)

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