10 Dog-Friendly Taco Joints in Chicago

And on the second day, Dog made Taco Tuesday. You can always count on your pal to share your tacos and to lead ya home when you’ve had too many margaritas (after all, what are best friends for?). Here are 10 of our favorite taco spots to do a biiiig crumch with that cutie you’re always runnin’ around with.

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Broken English
A giant pile of tacos will be enough for you two, right? Treat yourself to a taco tray or two at the Lincoln Park location of this hot spot. And you could get a $100 borracho-sized marg, but your pup forgot her card again (surprise, surprise). Walk it off after with a trip to Wiggly Field.

Salsa Picante
Family-owned with both a bustlin’ front and chill side patio, every doggy is gonna find something to love at Salsa Picante. The menu’s stacked with all the best stuff including a dedicated veggie section and SUPER TACOS (our superhero name tbh). Not ready to call it a night? Kick off your pup crawl just steps away at Archie’s, Sportsman’s , or EZ Inn, which are all dog-friendly inside.

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Octavio Cantina
Bold. Authentic. Approachable. Just like your pup when he wants something. Andersonville’s made-from-scratch mecca keeps the menu rustic and the sangria flowin’. Tacos for you; snackos for your dog. Okay fine, tacos *and* snackos for your dog. 

Antique Taco
Minority and women-owned, Antique Taco delivers in more than just the taco department. While both the Wicker and Bridgeport patios are dog-friendly, we wanna raise the woof for the Bridgeport location and all it’s doin’ the community. We’re talkin’ Monday farmers markets that feature tons of pawesome southside businesses (we heard your fren likes farmers markets), Wednesday food truck block parties, and a horchata milkshake that is honestly a blessing to the city at large. And it’s got one of the biggest patios in the city, so your pup probably doesn’t have to worry about running into her ex.

@goodgirl_zoe presents baby’s first patio

Big Star
Wicker Park AND Wrigley are both puppared to shower you in tasty yummos. The numerous drool-worthy tacos will make you feel glad to be alive; the mezcal marg will help you forget all that other stuff. And the Wicker location is between three of our very favorite dog plays and walkos in all the land: Wicker Park Dog Park, Churchill Field Dog Friendly Area, and the 606. 

Cafe El Tapatio
He sees it, he likes it, he wants it, he chompfs it. A Chicago institution, Cafe El Tapatio serves up some seriously tail waggin’ delights, loads of veggie options, and a Mexican mule with Exotico Blanco that’ll make ya beg for a couple-two-tree more. Get in some zoomies after at Challenger Bark just a few sniffs away.

@gypsy_the_brindle_pittie and her literal personal tacos that were ordered just for her

BIG and little’s
Puppare yourself, cause most of the staff at the Logan outpost of BIG and little’s are gonna come by and visit your buddy. He can expect the best in water service, and certified Very Good Girl Nocci (who has a very sophisticated palate for a mutt) recommends the ahi tuna taco. Heads up, though: this location is right next to the Blue Line, so if your dog “is chicken sh*t like [hers],” our insider cautions, “it might be v traumatic.” Moar tacos for Nocci we guess!

Tata’s Tacos
Just west of the six corners intersection in Portage Park, new kid on the block Tata’s Tacos offers a lively menu sure to fetch ya a high five or two. Tata’s teaches an old dog new tricks with creative tacos inspired by everything from poke to the ever elusive Chupacabra, and the veg menu will earn wags from the four-legged tree huggin’ set. Good humans might get a walk to go play at Portage Park after.

@heylittlelevi, taco enthusiast and literal angel

The patio at West Loop’s industrial-chic Federales is essentially a tequila-flavored playground. The open-air concept means tons of exciting sniffos, and you’re both gonna look really cool taking selfies with the Mexican Bulldog frozen margarita served in a SKULL (very tuff). And, um, did we mention there is an actual dog menu? 

Taqueria el Asadero
No frills, all thrills. You know what your dog always says: good enough for Bourdain, good enough for him. Taqueria el Asadero is tiny with no outside patio, but it’s next to Winnemac Park, so bring a pal to hold your pup while ya order and go dine al fresco. Cash only and your dog can’t reach the ATM, so this one’s on you.

Where else do you like to grab a south of the border bite with your pup? Let’s taco bout it in the comments and be sure to tag #sidewalkdog in the ‘grams of your dog’s delicious noms.

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