10 Chicago Dogs You Should Be Following on Instagram

All Chicago dogs are good dogs and luckily, we can catch adorable pics of ’em bein’ pawsome all over the muttropolitan area. It’s tough to play favorites in a city with so many perfect pups, but we sure tried! Here are 10 Chicago dogs you should be following on Instagram. Trust us: they will light up your life on the daily.

1. @thelifeofqueso

North Avenue Beach regular and cheddar cheese enthusiast Queso will bless your feed with loads of floof and a million-paw-ler smile. Queso found his way to Chicago after ruffing it in an Alabama shelter and we couldn’t be more delighted (especially because he loves kissing strangers). Notably, his accessory game is heckin’ adorbs.

2. @sporty_thedog

Sporty’s sparkin’ joy all over the city. This self-walking wonder strolls down Michigan Avenue and into all of our hearts on the regular. Whether he’s hugging a kid, drying off post-swim, or wearing an adorable jacket, Sporty’s posts will keep you howlin’ with happiness.

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3. @o_m_g_its_oscar
Handsome Oscar was rescued from A.R.F in Wheaton and might be the most gorgeous dog model in all of Chicago. Follow him for megawatt smiles, his courageous friendship with his rescue cat brother, and so much fluff we just can *not*.

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4. @truman_the_giant
If you’re not following rescue Saint Bernard Truman, are you even living?! Catch him lounging around Logan Square, chasing squirrels, or eating drool-worthy snacks. And he’s more than just a pretty face: Truman is also a lifelong scholar. He’s an agility and obedience class graduate, and is training for his v. important next job: therapy dog.

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5. @stylish_gambino

If you love a good glowup as much as we do, forest pup turned style icon Gambit is a required follow. This @aliverescue pup was found living in the woods with 30 other dogs and has since transformed into a pineapple king. He enjoys naps, wearing bow ties, fostering all the pups, and being a total derp.

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6. @manny_the_frenchie

Manny lives with his also-rescued French Bulldog brother @frank_the_funnyfrenchie and their humans in West Loop, and MAN do they have a lot of lil snoozles going on in that house. Not only has Manny amassed an impressive load of followers (over a cool mil!), but he’s also a charitable rescue donor and a great DJ.

7. @troutpuppy

@Onetailatatime founder and executive director @radheather’s new main man Trout is fresh on the scene but already posting some 13/10 grams. He’s named after his ma’s beloved heart dog’s favorite snack and is winning us over one bandanna and unimpressed expression at a time. We can’t wait to see how he does in therapy dog school!

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8. @gussinaround

Smol dog and local heartthrob Gus lives in Lakeview and probably rides the CTA more than most of us tbh. Gus left Ohio for his lavish city lifestyle and never looked back. Follow him to see how much he loves street art, dressing up and going out, being his dad’s supervisor, and a good filter.

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9. @johnpaulbones

John Paul Bones is a bat/bear hybrid who was rescued by @aliverescue and has a wardrobe so impressive that we’re actually kinda jealous. Follow him for that cute snow-sparkled snoot and memories of his cute widdle snaggletooth (recently removed but never forgotten).  

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10. @landothehusky

Masked boi Lando is an excellent tour guide and even has a top 5 list of area skyscrapers (1. Sears Tower, 2. Marina Towers, 3. Tribune Tower, 4. The Wrigley Building, 5. The Aqua Building). Coincidentally, he tops our list of favorite Chicago huskies! Seriously, we’d follow those baby blues anywhere.

Who would you add to the list? Woof at us in the comments!

(Top photo by @landothehusky)


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14 thoughts on “10 Chicago Dogs You Should Be Following on Instagram

  1. LilMissReesh

    @dunkelthedoxie she’s a rescue pup who’s an intermediate obedience class and Canine Good Citizen graduate! she’s always on the lookout for her next scholarly sesh!

  2. Joe

    All very cute and cuddly – but man oh man is THIS the best dog. Killer dog mom and doggie photographer! YEEEEEE PAW! @stetsonyeepaw

  3. Jen

    All very cute and cuddly – but man oh man is THIS the best dog. Killer dog mom and doggie photographer! YEEEEEE PAW! @stetsonyeepaw


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