As the online home for the Twin Cities’ ever-growing community of dog lovers, we adore and appreciate each and every one of you. That’s why we’re carving out special spots on our blog, newsletter, and social-media channels to feature YOUR pup, YOUR fave pet-friendly businesses, and more. (And don’t worry, you don’t have to be a professional writer!)

Dogs About Town (AKA Sidewalk Dogs!)

We’re enlisting Twin Cities pooches (and their humans, of course) to scout dog-friendly businesses and report back. The goal? To deliver in-depth deets to fellow dog lovers (try to be objective). (Just have a quick thing or two to share? We'll take it! Submit a review on the business's listing in our directory.)

When it comes to restaurants/coffee shops, we wanna know about:

  • Patio ambiance
  • Dog-friendly aspects, such as patio shape/size, number of tables, shade offerings (trees? umbrellas?), water bowls (set out? brought to table?), dog treats, etc. (describe in detail)
  • Any other pertinent aspects of experience

For all other dog-friendly businesses, tell us about:

  • Dog-friendly aspects, such as wide aisles, water bowls, treats at the counter, etc. (describe in detail)
  • Any other pertinent aspects of experience Decal Sighting

By now you are undoubtedly familiar with our Dogs Welcome decals. We wanna know when you see it around town! Why? So we can give kudos to the pooch-lovin’ businesses you love to patronize. Win-win!

Cute Canines

That’s right, we’re dedicating even more of to pics of our favorite subject: adorable dogs! It could be your own, a friend’s, or a cutie (pooch, not human) spotted at the park.


Time to show our fab partner, Subaru, some lovin’! Help us start the “Subaruing” meme (think planking, Tebowing, and the like). How’s it work? You snap a pic of a dog and a Subaru. Not your dog? No prob. Not your Subaru? Also not a prob. Creativity is key (so is asking permission).

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