! Puppy Playtime !

Hosted by:
Dreadlocks for Dingoes
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March 25th 2017 11:00 AM

March 25th 2017 12:00 PM

PUPPIES! Chubby, warm, roly poly, squishy-faced puppies! We, at Dreadlocks for Dingoes, LOVE puppies! We love to see puppies get a great start. That includes plenty of opportunities to play with other puppies. That’s how they learn the ropes. That’s one reason we have Puppy Playtime every Saturday from 11am -12pm. Drop by, have fun, play with other pups, talk about pups, share, and bounce questions and ideas off a dog trainer in a low key environment. Humans stay with their pups. The other reason is we just LOVE puppies and want to play with them and their squishy adorable faces. 11am to noon. Five bucks.. Call with questions and to get on the list: 651-440-9813. THIS will be a LOT of fun!