Rice Creek North Trail Corridor Off-Leash Area

Lexington Ave N and Cty Rd J
Shoreview, MN 55126

Category: Dog Parks

With fencing surrounding its nearly 13 acres, this park also has a fenced swimming pond. There's lots of room for dogs to run and play in an open field, and a walking path adds to the appeal for pups and their people. Two bag receptacles allow you to take a bag if you need one (or bring extras from home to share).

Dog Info

  • Fenced
  • Water source for swimming
  • Picnic tables

August 27, 2015

Just moved to the area. My big dog loves this park! He gets to run and run and run. People and their dogs are friendly, haven't had any problems. Most people bring water so that's never an issue. LOVE, love it!!!


April 1, 2014

Lots of room for our little guy to run off stream. Most owners here are pretty social and will chat while you walk the loop. Unfortunately I think our dog picked up kennel cough here or at Otter Lake. Please keep your dog at home if they are sick!


March 31, 2014

Large fenced in field, off leash, plenty of open room for dogs to run, a sandy track circles the entire park, 2 different locations within the park to bring poop bags to share so that other people can find some if they forget (don't come to the park depending on there always being some though), a couple different picnic tables in the area and 2 different drinking stations set up where people will bring in their own water for the dogs to drink.


May 9, 2013

Large, accessible, and nice amenities (connected to a walking path, ponds for the dogs to play in, etc.). My only knock on this park is that it is not as scenic as other parks (but that doesn't seem to bother the dogs much!)


October 24, 2011

Nice dog park, large. Dont get much opportunity for your dogs to play becuase people walk the loop around the park. Your dog can run, though! Fenced off pond area for swimming is also nice. We go here when we feel we should take a walk too :)

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