Nomad World Pub

501 Cedar Ave
Minneapolis, MN 55454

Category: Minneapolis Restaurants

Dog Info

  • Dogs Welcome on Patio

June 13, 2016

So sweet to my pup! And a great little secluded patio so very few distractions. My pup went right to sleep in the shade!


June 15, 2013

They were great when we went with a group of about 10 dogs under 15llbs.


September 8, 2011

I only went to this bar because Beer with your Buddy was being held there and it was the most fun I have ever had with my dog at a bar. The dogs got to go run around and play while I got to drink and not worry about them. I went home buzzed and they went home tired, a winning combo for us all.


September 7, 2011

Every time I have brought my dogs to the Nomad they have always been welcomed! At one event, they even let "Mauer" my 50lb pitty sit up at the bar on the stool. It was so cute. They are all dog lovers as well, at least the bartenders i have had. It gets a little complicated on the patio with the lawn darts/ bocce. If you have a calm dog its no worries but if you have a chaser make sure you sit on the other smaller patio to avoid "take off temptation".

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