Bunker Hills Regional Dog Park

550 Bunker Lake Boulevard NW
Andover, MN 55304

Hours of Operation: See website
Size: 6.5 acres
Permit: License required

Category: Dog Parks

Anoka County has partnered with the Cities of Coon Rapids and Andover on the construction of a dog park at Bunker Hills Regional Park. Located off 133rd Avenue near the existing compost site, the 6.5-acre dog park has a separated small dog area, an open play area, and a short trail for those who want to walk with their dog.


October 14, 2016

Although it is a larger dog park the fact that they previously used it to discard construction debris and it's 90% filled with ragweed really knocks down it's desirability. Regular visitors of the park have pulled out large chunks of concrete, asphalt, tires, etc. which has helped. A large amount of the visitors just stand around near the entrance visiting and don't watch their dogs. You will find many piles of uncollected dog poop.

Beth N.

April 7, 2015

Note that the address listed will take you to the Regional Park Activity Center, NOT the dog park. To get to the dog park, take 133rd Ave NW east from Hanson Blvd. and follow it as it turns south. Dog park is at the end on the left. And I've found that many of the "regulars" and their dogs are actually perfectly charming. ;-) Every park is going to have a mix.


March 29, 2015

This park is large with open areas for the dogs to play, but the owners of the dogs and some of the dogs themselves are hard to put up with. The so called "regulars" expect anyone new to have complete control over their dogs but do nothing to control their dogs, and because of this I have seen several dog fights, some of which resulted in dogs being rushed to the Vet. It is a nice place to go when the Andover and Coon Rapids "regulars" are not there.


September 11, 2014

I love this park! I enjoy the walking area, and the people are all friendly and laid back. There's a long grass area for the big dogs to bound through, and a nicely grassed area for the small dogs.


July 31, 2014

There is one picnic table for owners to sit on which is near the entryway. Most of the dogs seem to flock by the entryway, making it difficult to walk in with your dog, because all of the dogs are swarming by the entryway. There is no garbage to put your poop bags in so you have to walk out of the fenced-in area to the dumpster to throw away the poop (there is no garbage can). It's all sand near the front where most dogs end up playing (because that seems to be where the owners hang out) so you and your dog will be very dusty when you leave (don't wear white!) the dog park. The walking path is nice and you can easily go around many times to give your dog exercise.

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