Fun City Dogs

Fun City Dogs is where it's at for busy pet parents: Cage-free boarding, drop-in daycare, and an ultra-convenient location near 35W, I-94, and Hiawatha Ave in Minneapolis.

First, let's talk daycare: While most spots require reservations and full- or half-day stays, Fun City Dogs lets you pop in and drop off your pup for an hour or two at a time -- perfect for those winter days where your dog is feeling a little stir crazy and would benefit from getting their zoomies out while you're running errands.

At Fun City, daycare dogs enjoy over 15,000 sq ft of fully supervised indoor and outdoor playtime and activities. And nights are just as delightful. Pick a couch, pups -- Fun City boarding is cage-free and a staff member is on site all night, so it'll feel more like a slumber party than a traditional kennel. [Traditional kennels are available too, if your dog doesn't dig the free-play scene.]

Fun City Dogs has major love for the local rescue scene: They welcome foster dogs at a reduced rate and host an adoption event every Saturday with Underdog Rescue

Dog Info

  • Water available
  • Free treats
  • Belly rubs

September 20, 2011

I have been going to Fun City Dogs for over a year - typically I bring my beagle in once a week for daycare and she also goes there a few times a month for boarding when I travel. She loves going and I know that she is well taken care of - all of the employees know her.

A. Grimm

August 23, 2011

Our 4 month old German Shepherd LOVES Fun City. He's been a few times now, to break up the week, and it's been fun to see him get better at socializing and playing with other dogs. He goes nuts when we pull up to Fun City. Husband and I like Fun City because the pooch does, because the staff is so friendly and loving and because they have super-addictive web cameras so we can watch how much fun he's having.


August 20, 2011

This place is so great. My dog has endless energy so I can't imagine her being kenneled most of the day when we're on vacation. I heard about Fun City Dogs on Crowdcut and I couldn't be happier. My dog cannot contain her excitement when we arrive and she's exhausted when she gets picked up.


August 14, 2011

This place is the best! Our dog, Bucky just loves coming here. The staff are always upbeat and friendly and no reservation is required. They also offer hourly daycare, boarding and grooming services and with the new webcams, I can watch my pooch having a blast while I'm at work. I can't say enough great things about this place, we love Fun City Dogs!

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