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2204 Snelling Ave
Minneapolis, MN 55404

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  • Water available
  • Free treats
  • Belly rubs
Dog Owner

January 26, 2016

I wish I could leave work and go get my dog. I have been watching the web-cam off and on for about 5 hours - during that time my dog has done nothing but pace back and forth. The worker completely ignores the dogs - just paces back and forth - mopping the floor - spraying water on the dogs - only one worker so far - has come i in to interact with the dogs - a totally different vibe when someone pays attention to them. No toys for them to play with = no one throws a ball - I thought my dog was exhausted at the end of the day - because he had such a good time - that is obviously not the case.

Leah M

November 28, 2015

Do not take your dog here if they have energy or are playful!! We have a 1.5 year old lab mix who has a lot of energy. We did not want him in a kennel and Fun City Dogs says on their website, "All Boarding is free roam with NO CAGES. The dogs are allowed to play all day and sleep in a living room environment at night". Our dog was put in a kennel most of the 6 days he was there. We never saw him on the cameras outside of the kennel, we were watching multiple times a day for hours. On the website they state that "We also have traditional kennels for dogs that are not spayed or neutered, elderly dogs, and dogs that are not ready for a daycare atmosphere." Our dog is neutered, young, and goes to the dog parks multiple times every week and has never been in a fight with other dogs. Our dog has a lot of energy and likes to play but even around multiple aggressive toddlers has never been aggressive himself. We had brought him to FCD at least 4 other times for daycare and we were never told, until this experience, that he had been in the kennel on these occasions as well. If we would have been told this, I would have taken him to stay with family members. But, I thought Fun City Dogs was taking care on my dog, I was so wrong. When we finally got back to Minneapolis we were told point blank by the owner that Fun City was not equipped to handle our dog. Why were we not told this sooner? The owner just says we are right and apologized. I don't think she ever planned to tell us he was kenneled, the only reason we know is because we asked. When we got our dog out the door, we realized that the top of his nose is rubbed raw and covered in seeping scabs. I am assuming this is from shoving his nose through the gaps of chain link for 6 days, wanting to get out to play. Staff did not inform us of this injury, and I can only assume it is because they paid him no attention and didn't even realize it was happening. This experience completely ruined our Thanksgiving with family, we worried about our dog the entire time. We will never take our dog to another boarding facility after this experience. Please, never take your dogs to Fun City Dogs. If you are thinking about it just watch the webcam footage of the staff on the weekends, nights, and holidays, if my review hasn't scared you away, that will.


April 25, 2013

I have been searching for a daycare for my dog and I was watching the fun city webcams and I was absolutely appalled. One of the employees left all the dogs unattended, which is how so many dogs get hurt at doggie daycare, in the time it would have taken her to hear a fight and get back on the floor and separate the dogs could have had a fatal result. Also I saw 5 dogs all pee on the floor and a couple dogs run through the pee, I did not see the employee clean any of it up. I also didn’t see the employee interacting with any of the dogs; she seemed far too distracted texting on her cell phone. To say that I think this place is a disaster is an understatement. I’d advise anyone looking to go here or that does bring their dog here to look elsewhere.


November 30, 2012

So I have never even been to your daycare before but from watching your webcam for about 10 minutes, it seems unsafe. You dont even have a staff member in the area at all times? Someone comes in to mop up 5 pee puddles without rinsing the mop in between (that means you're not cleaning it, you're just spreading it), give the dogs more water and leaves? The only time I saw a staff member touch a dog was when another dog was running around with a collar and your staff member put it back on the dog. So, what if a fight breaks out? There is no one in there to break it up. Yes, you can run into the area but do you know how much damage can be done to a dog in the 5-20 seconds it takes you to get in there? There is no one in there to monitor their play and make sure that the play doesnt escalate into a fight. Needless to say, I will never bring my dog here. I dont feel he would be safe or loved in this environment. Your staff basically ignored the dogs.


September 20, 2011

I have been going to Fun City Dogs for over a year - typically I bring my beagle in once a week for daycare and she also goes there a few times a month for boarding when I travel. She loves going and I know that she is well taken care of - all of the employees know her.

A. Grimm

August 23, 2011

Our 4 month old German Shepherd LOVES Fun City. He's been a few times now, to break up the week, and it's been fun to see him get better at socializing and playing with other dogs. He goes nuts when we pull up to Fun City. Husband and I like Fun City because the pooch does, because the staff is so friendly and loving and because they have super-addictive web cameras so we can watch how much fun he's having.


August 20, 2011

This place is so great. My dog has endless energy so I can't imagine her being kenneled most of the day when we're on vacation. I heard about Fun City Dogs on Crowdcut and I couldn't be happier. My dog cannot contain her excitement when we arrive and she's exhausted when she gets picked up.


August 14, 2011

This place is the best! Our dog, Bucky just loves coming here. The staff are always upbeat and friendly and no reservation is required. They also offer hourly daycare, boarding and grooming services and with the new webcams, I can watch my pooch having a blast while I'm at work. I can't say enough great things about this place, we love Fun City Dogs!

  • Located just minutes from downtown Minneapolis along Hiawatha Avenue, Fun City Dogs has cage-free daycare and boarding where your pup can romp all day. With more than 15,000 square feet of combined indoor and outdoor space (and the biggest outdoor play area in Minneapolis), dogs are separated into groups based on their size and play style. Then, after the daycare doggies go home for the day, the overnight boarders head to a welcoming living room with couches and dog beds. Your pooch can snuggle up next to the staff in a comfy, home-like environment where he or she will be supervised 24 hours a day.

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