Lyndale Farmstead Dog Park

3845 Dupont Ave S
Minneapolis, MN 55409

Hours of Operation: Check website
Parking: Street

Category: Dog Parks Minneapolis

New for 2013, the Lyndale Farmstead dog park (formerly known as the Sixth District dog park) is the first one in Southwest Minneapolis, reclaiming part of what the Southside Operations Center parking lot in Lyndale-Farmstead Park. A little more than half-acre, it opened in a rustic state in the winter, will close for a few weeks in the spring, with a planned "full" opening in June. The entrance is on Dupont between 38th & 40th. It's big enough for big dogs to do full ball runs, and is already being heavily used. The baseball diamond-like surface is meant for fast draining. The park will feature a shade structure and eventually plants and trees.

Carol P. Best Friends Animal Behavior

March 13, 2015

Several years ago my deaf Tibetan terrier was attacked by two brindle colored pit-bulls at the "Airport" dog park. I yelled to the owner to get her dogs back and she ended up keying my van to the tune of a $95 repaint of the damage. I posted signs to warn others about this owner and her dogs. A couple of years later I had a young collie at the same dog park. He was also attacked by a pit-bull, but fortunately many people came to our rescue and helped get the dog off of my dog. There was a woman there who kept telling us to just let the dogs be, but I am certain that my dog would have been killed if these kind people had not helped me and intervened. Please be careful and observant when you take your dogs to dog parks. They are great, we love them, but many people think that they are a good place to bring unsocialized dogs for socialization purposes. I studied animal behavior (I have my Master's in the field) and I urge anyone with a dog who needs socialization to do so cautiously and to get assistance if they feel that their dog could become aggressive. Let's keep all of our wonderful canine companions safe and happy! Thanks to those who help out others when there are problems.


March 31, 2014

#1. Dupont is a no-parking avenue. Nearest parking is either 38th or 40th streets. #2. MMT - did you report that pitbull to animal control and the park board. Join the Lyndale Farmstead Dog Park Facebook group where you can post problems - Brad Bourne , the MPRB District 6 commissioner is a member and would see your report. If you can get a smartphone picture, that can go on the FB group, also


August 22, 2013

I've only been twice and did not have any issues with the rock/gravel surface and my dog's feet and he runs hard. My dog did however, get attacked by a gray and white pitpull while his owners sat on a bench half the park away. I kicked the dog serveral times to try and get rid of it to no avail. No one said anything to me, nor tried to help while I was leaving or when I returned after the dog had left. You're on your own in this one. Good luck.

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