Goldwood Kennels & Pet Boutique

The first thing you’ll notice about Goldwood Kennels is their stunningly beautiful acreage in picturesque, rural White Bear Lake. Your pup will enjoy romping the day away in Goldwood’s spacious play yards; unlike traditional doggy daycare settings, she’ll also be treated to one-on-one people and pet play time. “A focus on individualized care vs. large-group play allows our experienced staff to focus on the health and safety of every individual guest and get to know their unique personalities,” says Goldwood’s Erin Hilton.

Goldwood offers a host of additional services to complement your pet’s boarding stay, including full-service grooming and specialty spa treatments, basic obedience training and reinforcement, and specialized care for all breeds and needs.

They also boast a Pet Air America division, a unique service to arrange domestic and international pet travel, such as during job relocations, military transfers, and family moves. 

“Perhaps what we are most proud of, other than our fantastic staff and family history, is our positive reputation throughout the local and veterinary community,” says Erin. “People put their complete trust in us to care for their beloved furry family members and we take that very seriously; it is indeed a labor of love!”

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