High Bridge Dog Park

59 Randolph Ave
Saint Paul, MN 55102

Hours of Operation: See website
Size: 7 acres
Parking: Yes
Permit: Free!

Category: Dog Parks

The High Bridge Dog Park is a 7-acre, former coal power plant site that was given to the City for operation as a dog-park following clean-up in May 2012. 

Dog Info

  • Fully fenced

March 15, 2016

I love this park. I have never had an issue with another dog and I have never seen a fight break out. It is very nice. Wide open big dog park and an inclosed small dog park. The also have an out house.


June 25, 2015

My first dog park, so I have nothing to compare with, but I really like it. It appears that they have started putting down wood chips over part of the dirt track, so it isn't as muddy. There still is open dirt and a large puddle, but you can easily walk the length of the park on the chips. Water isn't available, but it looks like there are people who regularly leave extra water and bowls - it's good to be prepared, though. I'd give it a five if they had a permanent water supply.

Roux Magnolia

January 2, 2015

Just went here for the first time right before Christmas, and boy was it muddy! I still really liked the space though, and all of the other dog owners were really friendly. We will definitely be back!


October 6, 2013

Love, love this dog park. We go there a great deal because it is in the neighborhood. My dog is a mid-size dog (30 lbs.) and there are a lot of dogs there his size to play with. There is now an area for small dogs. Another nice thing is that your dog is always within sight.


August 16, 2013

I like this dog park for the fact that my dog is always within sight, wherever he is. This is nice with a young dog that hasn't had too much experience with dog parks yet. It has been a good trial to make sure he'll stick around me. Everyone that goes here seems nice and the parking is easy. Even after I get him to some of the bigger parks I'm sure we'll still come back here for our quicker, more everyday kind of outings.

Mark H

November 18, 2012

Lots of dogs in a convenient central Saint Paul location near the Mississippi River trails.


August 12, 2012

Love Love this dog park!!! We bring our dog here almost every day and he loves it! We have made many new friends, both canines and humans. I love the drive into the park, its so pretty but I was a little surprised the first time I came as to how long it was. Its totally worth it though, its like the gold pot at the end of the rainbow when I see how happy my little Teddi gets as we drive into the parking lot! Bring your pooch down and I bet you both will love it too!


July 17, 2012

We live in the neighborhood and are so thrilled this dog park is finally open!! I agree with the other reviewer that the parking lot is a little wonky to get to, BUT there is plenty of it, and it's right next to the park so it is convenient. I also agree about the muddy spots, but you find those at most dog parks and it's really just a few small spaces off to the side. The park is SUPER long and has lots of space to run and play with different dogs. There is tall grass to run through, but not so much that you really lose your dog in it. We like that there are water bowls throughout, and trash cans too. Because we live in the neighborhood we know a lot of the dogs and owners around and everyone is committed to keeping the park clean and making sure dogs are playing nice. I knocked off one star because I know there is movement towards cutting a section of the park into a small dog area, which there seems to be a natural space for it. I think that would make the park a 5 star space.


June 29, 2012

Large and open, fenced-in, off-leash dog park situated under the High Bridge near downtown St. Paul, next to Shepard Road. It's great that there's a dog park so close to downtown, but it's still a bit inconvenient to access. The park is located right next to Shepard Road, but if you're driving there, the entrance is a mile to the west. If you're coming from the east, you have to drive a mile past the park to turn in, then double-back. Some other things to be aware of/try to keep your pup from: It has some muddy areas that get very deep after it rains, and it also has a stretch of tall grass. We suspect that's where our German shepherd picked up a tick that we found on her the other day. Despite the setbacks, it's still very fun to take our shepherd there. She loves it, as we don't have a big yard. We meet nice people and pups when we go.

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