Plymouth Dog Park

County Rd 47 West of Dunkirk Ln
Plymouth, MN 55447

Hours of Operation: Daily, dawn to dusk
Size: 10 acres
Parking: Yes
Permit: No

Category: Dog Parks Plymouth/Robbinsdale

This lovely, rustic park is set within ten acres of land irresistible to most doggies. But it is not fenced, and it is bordered by private property. If your dog can respect the natural plantings that edge the park and view them as a fence, that’s ideal. Agility obstacles like tunnels and weave poles add an extra element of fun for dogs and people here, and the park has a water spigot, too. There is a separate fenced area for small dogs, and a little pond is great for pooches to cool off in.

Dog Info

  • Separate small dog area
  • Walking trails
  • Shelter area
  • Picnic tables
  • Agility obstacles
  • Water source

March 21, 2015

This park is great and off the beaten path enough to not get busy, even on Saturday and Sunday mornings. Have had some issues with aggressive dogs, but for the most part all the owners have been great and hold conversation while the dogs play. My dog loves the agility equipment. The only thing I would warn people of is the water area. Its allegedly standing water and untreated. One morning there was a vet tech there and she told me to get my dog vaccinated for something and I didn't write it down so of course forgot it and now just try to keep her away from the creek. Unfortunately one day when all the other dogs were swimming and then cooling off in the kiddy pool my dog started drinking the pool water. She had diarrhea a couple days later and we took her to the vet and she needed antibiotics. We haven't been back since just because of it, but I really do like all other aspects of the park.

Jenna H

April 28, 2014

I wish I knew this place existed when we had our first dog! Discovered it about 4 years ago and it's amazing! I love going here and so does my dog and family. It's a great area if you want your dog(s) to run free and play with others. All the dog park goers here are friendly and attentive to their dogs as they play. Highly recommend! Plus, unlike many other dog parks, it is free, no entrance fee or yearly permit!

Laura W

September 8, 2013

Nice little park. Love the astroturf, could see how it would be great in the muddy spring! The small dog area is decently sized, also astroturfed, and has a few play equipment as well. There are a few "trails" of mowed prairie but I wouldn't really consider this a park for people who like to walk with their dogs. The trails surround the turfed area and you never get far enough away from it that you can't see the main play area. Has a nice water spigot and kiddie pool. The play equipment consists of a sturdy hard plastic tunnel, a jump, a 3ft wooden aframe with large slats, and short weave poles, about 18in spacing.

Ben's Mom

June 22, 2013

We went this spring when it was really muddy out because the main play area is covered with astro turf. There's not really any shade for summer though - except for people to stand under.


May 7, 2013

I love this park and go as often as possible for hours on end with my dog. The only thing that people should be aware of is that there is no fence to keep the dogs in; there is some brush to deter them and a bridge but sometimes this doesn't work for the more independent dogs. The only things I'm not a fan of (which can't be helped) are some of the doggy 'parents'. People really need to be aware of where their dog is at all times as they can wander away too far. There are some dogs that are just too aggressive and should definitely be watched more closely. And finally, there are children there that try and play on the dog equipment (ramp, hoops, tunnesl, etc.) and basically thrash it. If you bring your kids, do not let them play; it's not a jungle gym.


February 7, 2012

Great park, lots of fun, newly paved parking as well. I see they are making a pump to get at well water.


July 8, 2011

Great park to let the dogs run off some steam. Go often enough, you're four-legged friend will see some of their same friends. We love it!

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