Minnehaha Off-Leash Recreation Area

54th St. & Hiawatha Ave.
Minneapolis, MN

Hours of Operation: 6 am to 10 pm
Size: 4.3 acres
Parking: Pay parking lot, meters on the street
Permit: Yes

Category: Dog Parks Minneapolis

This is it: Doggie Nirvana. If you haven’t been to what the locals call the “River Dog Park,” what are you waiting for? Adjacent to Minnehaha Falls (and Sea Salt!), this park offers broad expanses for dogs to run, woodsy trails, a sandy beach along the Mississippi River and varied landscape.

Dog Info

  • Fenced
  • Water source for swimming
  • Trees/wooded areas
  • Walking trails
  • Waste bags/dispensers

February 24, 2016

Not fully fenced and non-fenced boundary is not marked. Got a $75 ticket yesterday for being "outside the fence" off leash by Minneapolis Animal Control. Officer Schendel couldn't tell me where the boundary was but said I was outside it. Pure BS. I called the Park Board and they agreed. Fighting the ticket now. Park Board will put up boundary signs this year. Watch out or your day could get expensive. If you see their white van, DON'T take your dog off leash even if you think you are in the park. Wont go back til the signs are up


July 10, 2015

Came to this park since I'm worried about blue-green algae at Battle Creek (BC). It really is a close runner-up to BC with all the trees and water, but it is smaller and not as well-maintained in terms of plentiful poop trash cans and trail maintenance (we are very spoiled at BC). But it will do nicely until the risk of algae poisoning has passed.

Auntie Kare

March 9, 2015

Great but MUDDY. We won't be going there until the ground is dry.


September 24, 2012

This dog park is unlike any other dog park I've ever been to. Instead of standing around watching your dogs play people are generally making their way along the trails enjoying the beautiful trails. The park is very clean and the dogs are all very well behaved. Its a pretty easy walk, there are some slight inclines and some stairs. I wouldnt recomend this park if your dog doesnt like to hang around you or doesnt come to you when called. Like all dog parks there are a few weirdos but they are few and far between. Just some "heads-up" bring your dog his own water, there are some poop bags in the park, people tie their poop (filled) bags on the fence along the trail to grab on their way back, the only bathroom is in the parking lot (its very clean for a porter potty) and finally if you fallow the signs it leads to the river for a good swim (my pup is generally pretty dry by the time we get back to the car), there is paid parking in the lot but across the highway (there is a cross walk) there is free parking. Also this is easily the best dog park I've ever been to.


March 25, 2012

Bark Magazine called it "The Crown Jewel" of dog parks and it's true! It's common to see owls and eagles there too.


March 25, 2012

I've been to almost all of the metro area dog parks and this is by far the best one. Great exercise for you and your dog. Doggie Nirvana for sure!


September 6, 2011

The best park in Minneapolis period. You get trails and beach in one park, you really can't go wrong especially on hot days in the summer.


August 25, 2011

Since we are from out of town, we didn't go to the off-leash dog park portion. We did check out the falls area and walk around a bit. It was great! Our pup met so many wonderful dogs, especially near the Sea Salt Eatery. It was a great place for some socialization!


June 19, 2011

I think this is the best dog park in the Twin Cities. Miles of wooded walking with beaches. My kids love the hidden water fall.

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